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Ji Gong Motivation

See Bug 790.


Bug 698 was written due to the "Fear, uncertainty and doubt" (FUD) strategy of Oracle of not giving express permission to use OpenJDK in compliance w/ the 4 freedoms of software (FSF definition).

On the contrary, Oracle gives a patent grant for using OpenJDK for desktop only, implying mobile use may be prohibited.

This implication is highly likely non-sense, especially in the light of the latest Oracle vs Google case where Oracle was not able to substantiate a patent infringement by Google's Dalvik VM.

However .. the current situation lacks of:

  • OpenJDK builds for Windows, OSX, Android, ..
  • IcedTea-Web builds for Windows, OSX, Android, ..

As Xerxes put it: The horse is bound to a chair and is not running ..

Project Name

Ji Gong

Unlike a traditional Buddhist monk, Daoji did not like following traditional monastic codes. Daoji had a penchant for openly eating meat and drinking wine; his robes were often tattered and dirty from travelling from place to place, and stumbling while intoxicated. However, Daoji was kind hearted and was always ready to lend a helping hand to ordinary people. He would often treat the sick and fight against injustice. The monks, bewildered and fed up with his behavior, expelled Daoji from the monastery. From then on, Daoji roamed the streets and helped people whenever he could.

Hence Daoji does people good while not necessarily conforming to certain arbitrary rules, while maintaining sanity and being kind hearted.

Project Spirit

This project shall match the kind direction of it's name giving character, while also serving w/ JogAmp's goals of being a technology enabler.

Ji Gong shall enable the VM technology across platform and devices.

This project must not necessarily being maintained by the JogAmp community. On the contrary .. we would prefer this effort to be done from the original authors, i.e. OpenJDK and IcedTea-Web.

However, until the goals below and this spirit of a free solution is being picked up, we may continue pushing it forward from here.

Note: Bug 698 sadly wasn't being replied to by neither Oracle nor the OpenJDK team. Of course, no surprise here, since for Oracle it might be a conflict of interest due to their 'goals' to market their ARM hotspot proprietary solution and the OpenJDK team consist mainly of Oracle and RedHat members. The latter focuses an server solutions and is highly cooperating w/ Oracle.