Ji Gong Overview

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Ji Gong focuses on enabling JVM technology and guaranteeing it's availability.

Ji Gong does not mainly implement the JVM technology but utilize existing work, e.g. IcedTea and OpenJDK8.



  • Availability of the GPLv2 based OpenJDK runtime environment (JRT/JVM)
    • Desktop (Linux, Windows, OSX, ..)
    • Mobile (Android, other phones and tablet OS [maybe even iOS])
    • VM CPU support:
      • Intel/AMD 32bit and 64bit
      • ARM based CPUs [Hotspot client/server n/a at time of writing. May need to use JamVM or AvianVM, ..]
    • Optional AWT/Swing/etc - maybe added at a later time
  • Web Plugin based on IcedTea-Web (JWeb)
    • Capable to run w/o AWT using a pluggable windowing subsystem implementation
    • Optional AWT/Swing/etc - maybe added at a later time



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