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OpenAL was originally developed in 2000 by Loki Software.

JOAL was originally created by SUN micro-systems part of their Java gaming group in 2003. JogAmp took over maintenance of JOAL and is the only maintainer since 2011.

Starting in 2013 JogAmp builds of JOAL now include the OpenAL-soft OpenAL libraries. By including OpenAL-soft allow JOAL to function on platforms where no system OpenAL libraries is found.

JogAmp JOAL - The JOAL Project hosts a reference implementation of the Java bindings for OpenAL API, and is designed to provide hardware-supported 3D spatialized audio for games written in Java. - The JOAL-Demos Project hosts a collection of turials and demonstrations illustred the features and usage of the Java bindings for OpenAL API and the Sound3D Toolkit.