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JogAmp's Static

JogAmp's Wiki

Hello Triangle and Texture

Sample that features GL4, pure newt, glWindow options, animator, indexed drawing, dynamic attribute and frag data binding, interleaved data, vao, vbo (with normalization on one attribute), ibo (with shorts), uniform, glsl program (with specific suffix) and matrix jogl util, gl error check, key listener and right way to dispose.

There is also a gl3 version and a Texture sample.

All the samples are written in Java and Kotlin.

This example in pure Java is less difficult to use for newcomers but it requires

Common Mistakes

I suggest you to take a read to these two pages for a quick overview over the most common problems, it is a very useful reading, legacy sections are carefully signaled.


Another common mistake that may happen if you port code from C/C++ to Java is this one:

Caused by: com.jogamp.opengl.GLException: unpack pixel_buffer_object must be bound to call this method at jogamp.opengl.gl4.GL4bcImpl.checkBufferObject( at jogamp.opengl.gl4.GL4bcImpl.checkUnpackPBOBound( at jogamp.opengl.gl4.GL4bcImpl.glTexImage2D( at tests.gl320.Gl_320_fbo_blit.initTexture(

This happens because in C/C++, when you just want to allocate the space for a texture using, for example, glTexImage2D, you should not pass 0 as the last argument, but null.

N.B: The use of color picking is NOT recommended on any hardware whose palette is partially emulated.

Java OpenGL Samples Pack

The Java OpenGL Samples Pack (called unsurprisingly jogl-samples) is a port of the OpenGL Samples Pack, a collection of OpenGL samples based on the OpenGL "core profile" specifications.

The project aims to promote the new OpenGL features making easier version transitions for OpenGL programmers with a complementary documentation for the OpenGL specification. Despite the fact that the OpenGL Samples Pack provides as simple (and dumb) as possible samples, it's not a tutorial for beginner but a project for programmers already familiar with OpenGL. The OpenGL Samples Pack is also a good OpenGL drivers feature test.

These samples illustrate mostly of the OpenGL features from ES 2.0 up to the last GL extenstions, same of them usually also called AZDO (Almost Zero Driver Overhead).

Wade's JOGL tutorials

Rami's JOGL tutorials

Justin's Getting Started with JOGL 2 Tutorials

Gordon and Clevenger textbook

Shader-based modern OpenGL 3D graphics programming textbook entirely in JOGL. Also works as a JOGL primer. "Computer Graphics Programming in OpenGL with Java" by V. Scott Gordon and John L. Clevenger, published by Mercury, available at Amazon.

Elect86's modern OpenGL examples

Nils Hoffmann's Netbeans Platform examples

Courses Tutorials (Currently unreachable)

JOGL 1 tutorials

Ste3e's JOGL tutorials

(The old (not quite up-to-date) JOGL Userguide is currently available here)