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<bugzilla type="count" display="bar">
<bugzilla type="count" display="bar">
        "product":      "Jogl",
        "x_axis_field": "status",
        "include_fields": ["id", "summary", "version", "status", "resolution"]
<bugzilla type="bug" display="count">
         "product":      "Jogl",
         "product":      "Jogl",

Revision as of 03:20, 4 April 2019

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Full Query
ID Summary Version Status Resolution
1 GLCanvas flickers when using repaint 1 VERIFIED FIXED
2 ANT preferable to Make? 1 VERIFIED FIXED
3 Linux build ETA? 1 VERIFIED FIXED
4 Where did the forums go? 1 VERIFIED FIXED
5 Multi head support broken 1 VERIFIED FIXED
6 request permission to discuss issues. 1 VERIFIED FIXED
7 Remove prefixes from jogl 1 VERIFIED INVALID
8 GLCanvas is Final and can't be subclassed 1 VERIFIED WONTFIX
9 ANT script for compile sources 1 VERIFIED DUPLICATE
10 Trouble compiling with given instructions. 1 VERIFIED WORKSFORME
11 VertexArrayRange Demo only partially works (large surface display defects) 1 VERIFIED WORKSFORME
12 Better tracing output 1 VERIFIED FIXED
13 Readable names for function arguments 1 VERIFIED FIXED
14 Incorrect rendering when calling glOrtho() outside of GLDrawable.reshape() 1 VERIFIED INVALID
15 GLuint is mapped to int instead of long 1 VERIFIED WONTFIX
16 Accessibility breaks jogl 1 VERIFIED FIXED
18 no jogl in java.library.path 1 VERIFIED INVALID
19 resolved issue #18 1 VERIFIED INVALID
20 Prebult Binaries are a must-have 1 VERIFIED FIXED
21 Cannot build mac OSX version of JoGL with files from the cvs 1 VERIFIED INVALID
22 GLException hides user exception 1 VERIFIED FIXED
23 glFinish() or glDeleteTextures() on Linux -> native crash 1 VERIFIED WORKSFORME
24 GLCanvas does not honor layout 1 VERIFIED FIXED
25 Expose swapBuffers(), please 1 VERIFIED FIXED
26 tesselation functionality missing 1 VERIFIED FIXED
27 convenient usage of jogl from a jdk perspective 1 VERIFIED WONTFIX
28 All functions that take arrays as parameters should also take buffers 1 VERIFIED FIXED
29 glXMakeCurrent call fails in gears demo 1 VERIFIED WORKSFORME
30 Error Swapping Buffers with JInternalFrame 1 VERIFIED WORKSFORME
31 Make it safe to remove listeners from a GLDrawable while handling an event 1 VERIFIED FIXED
32 Fullscreen mode breaks 1 VERIFIED WORKSFORME
33 Animator prevents normal program exit. 1 VERIFIED WORKSFORME
34 glutWireCube / glutSolidCube generate wrong cubes 1 VERIFIED FIXED
35 VM crashes with "EXCEPTION_STACK_OVERFLOW" when binding a CG fragment program 1 VERIFIED INVALID
36 glSelectBuffer/glFeedbackBuffer need direct buffers 1 VERIFIED FIXED
37 GLJPanel + Animator.stop() halts event dispatch thread 1 VERIFIED FIXED
38 swapBuffers switch 1 VERIFIED DUPLICATE
39 Window creation in JOGL is dependent on visual order 1 VERIFIED FIXED
40 GLException: Error making context current 1 VERIFIED WORKSFORME
41 WindowsOffscreenGLContext failed to create with "Unable to set pixel format" 1 VERIFIED FIXED
42 Problems invoking GLU functions 1 VERIFIED FIXED
43 Linux crashes with glBufferDataARB 1 VERIFIED WORKSFORME
44 Add pbuffer-based GLJPanel implementation 1 VERIFIED FIXED
45 JOGL multihead fix for linux 1 VERIFIED FIXED
46 Compiling JOGL under IBM JDK on x86 or ppc 1 VERIFIED WONTFIX
47 Calling setRenderingThread with same thread causes exception 1 VERIFIED WONTFIX
48 Ant build script broken in 10.3 1 VERIFIED FIXED
49 Patch for busted build.xml in 10.3 for OSX 1 VERIFIED FIXED
50 Creating a GLCanvas from the AWT thread fails 1 VERIFIED WORKSFORME
51 platform independent jogl.jar needed 1 VERIFIED FIXED
52 Current GLU semantics need to be properly encapsulated 1 VERIFIED FIXED
53 PBuffer render to texture support under X11 1 VERIFIED FIXED
54 No GL listener callbacks when setting render thread before window is visible 1 VERIFIED FIXED
55 GridLayout with GLCanvas behave differently on Mac 1 VERIFIED WORKSFORME
56 Requesting a framebuffer with an alpha component fails. 1 VERIFIED FIXED
57 JOGL build fails on Mac OS X. 1 VERIFIED FIXED
58 GLCanvas draws over other components in MacOS X 1 VERIFIED WORKSFORME
60 Bug fix in tessellation for vertex[Data] callbacks, jogl from Sep 2003 1 VERIFIED INVALID
61 Make debug variables load from system properties 1 VERIFIED FIXED
62 errors from glGetError(), not clearing 1 VERIFIED WORKSFORME
63 NoAutoRedraw paint behavior 1 VERIFIED WORKSFORME
64 Cannot compile the source static variable is missing in GLX.java 1 VERIFIED FIXED
65 Can't compile on linux using "ant linux" 1 VERIFIED DUPLICATE
66 Problem with ATI Radeon Driver (3.7.0) 1 VERIFIED WORKSFORME
67 Java/Jogl app hangs some systems, not others, during reshape. 1 VERIFIED FIXED
68 Window system-specific JAWT classes must implement JAWT_PlatformInfo 1 VERIFIED FIXED
69 Error on window resize 1 VERIFIED FIXED
70 JOGL build broken with Ant 1.6 1 VERIFIED FIXED
71 glMultiDrawElements() is missing 1 VERIFIED FIXED
72 Memory Leak Manually Calling repaint() 1 VERIFIED WORKSFORME
73 build.xml needs "-L/usr/X11R6/lib" for Linux. 1 VERIFIED FIXED
74 Cannot run any of the demos on 1.5 beta 1 1 VERIFIED INVALID
75 Dummy window confuses users and maximizing it can cause trouble 1 VERIFIED FIXED
76 Multisampling (FSAA) does not work on ATI 1 VERIFIED FIXED
77 Creation of dummy GL context fails in some configurations 1 VERIFIED FIXED
78 Re-assigning rendering thread causes subsequent display() to fail 1 VERIFIED FIXED
79 PBuffers on macintosh fail to glCopyTexSubImage2D 1 VERIFIED FIXED
80 redraw after reshape, swapBuffer() gives Exception 1 VERIFIED DUPLICATE
81 Incorporate Mojang's ScoreCapabilitiesChooser 1 VERIFIED WONTFIX
83 RFE: sourcecode packages 1 VERIFIED DUPLICATE
84 glReadPixels does not commit results 1 VERIFIED FIXED
85 Weekly builds / source 1 VERIFIED FIXED
86 code generation problem 1 VERIFIED FIXED
87 Fix speed issues with GLJPanel 1 VERIFIED DUPLICATE
88 Add Linux amd64 support to JOGL 1 VERIFIED FIXED
89 Losing Backbuffer when Resizing/Moving a window 1 VERIFIED WORKSFORME
90 Two JInternalFrames with Animators crash with EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION 1 VERIFIED WORKSFORME
91 Cube map extension defect. 1 VERIFIED INVALID
92 Platform Independent VSync functionality 1 VERIFIED FIXED
93 Cannot grab alpha channel 1 VERIFIED WORKSFORME
94 isFunctionAvailable throws exception on valid version strings 1 VERIFIED FIXED
95 incorrect bsh env fu in docs/HowToBuild.html 1 VERIFIED FIXED
96 Off-by-one error in pixel format selection on Windows 1 VERIFIED FIXED
97 Flickering when using ATI_WORKAROUND 1 VERIFIED FIXED
98 Just 1st frame rendering on ATI Radeon 1 VERIFIED FIXED
99 intptr_t undefined compiling with VS .NET 2003 VC++ 1 VERIFIED FIXED
100 Order of operations matters for fullscreen app 1 VERIFIED WORKSFORME
101 jogl version in manifest 1 VERIFIED FIXED
102 Fail to find cgShader environment with webstart 1 VERIFIED FIXED
103 Support form Amd64 1 VERIFIED DUPLICATE
104 JOGL reports ARB not available 1 VERIFIED WORKSFORME
105 FSAA not supported on Radeon 9700 1 VERIFIED WORKSFORME
106 JOGL fails to startup on Inter extreme graphics hardware - Exception with wglGetPixelFormatAttribivARB 1 VERIFIED FIXED
107 Include version information in release file names 1 VERIFIED DUPLICATE
108 PBuffers cause JVM crash on ATI in Jogl 1.1 b05 1 VERIFIED INVALID
109 Two animator threads on two Frames crash 1 VERIFIED FIXED
110 NativeLibLoader should have a flag for loading the library 1 VERIFIED FIXED
111 GLCanvas and JTabbedPane incompatibility. 1 VERIFIED WORKSFORME
112 TestContextDestruction demo crashes 1 VERIFIED WORKSFORME
113 glCanvas.canCreateOffscreenDrawable() returns incorrect value 1 VERIFIED DUPLICATE
114 GLCanvas canCreateOffscreenDrawable() function always returns true 1 VERIFIED FIXED
115 GLDrawable.swapBuffers(); behaviour 1 VERIFIED WORKSFORME
116 CG Shader for OSX 1 VERIFIED FIXED
117 Adding glGetUniformLocationARB to gl-common.cfg 1 VERIFIED FIXED
118 EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION on show of 2nd canvas (ATI-specific) 1 VERIFIED FIXED
119 Dual-head problems on Windows XP 1 VERIFIED FIXED
120 Hole in gluSphere 1 VERIFIED FIXED
121 release files are unversioned 1 VERIFIED FIXED
122 b07 Linux DEPTH_BUFFER doesn't work 1 VERIFIED INVALID
123 Use of "enum" as variable name should be eliminated in 1 VERIFIED FIXED
125 JOGL Leaks Memory with remove/add of GLCanvas 1 VERIFIED WORKSFORME
126 Patch to allow building native driver on BSD 1 VERIFIED FIXED
127 Build is failing 1 VERIFIED WORKSFORME
128 Two Animator threads controlling two GLCanvas objects deadlock, or one of the threads starve. 1 VERIFIED WORKSFORME
129 GLJPanel throws a GLException while GLCanvas works. 1 VERIFIED DUPLICATE
130 Automatic ATI WORKAROUND fails on Radeon at 2nd GLCanvas Context creation 1 VERIFIED DUPLICATE
131 Incorporate texture loading and screen grabbing utilities 1 VERIFIED FIXED
132 wglUseFontBitmaps & wglUseFontOutlines for JOGL 1 VERIFIED WONTFIX
133 GLEventListener.init() can be missed 1 VERIFIED FIXED
134 Improve full-screen support on Windows 1 VERIFIED FIXED
135 GLCanvas should interact better with lightweights 1 VERIFIED WONTFIX
136 Return correct pbuffer support for ATI cards 1 VERIFIED FIXED
137 Memory leak / crashes with ATI cards 1 VERIFIED FIXED
138 applications should be abled to decide whether ATI workaround is used 1 VERIFIED WONTFIX
139 Deadlock involving AWT Treelock 1 VERIFIED INVALID
140 glu.gluBuild2DMipmaps crash 1 VERIFIED FIXED
141 No NIO support in CgGL 1 VERIFIED FIXED
142 REGRESSION Error making context current in b09 1 VERIFIED WORKSFORME
143 Pbuffer creation in display() causes exception 1 VERIFIED FIXED
144 canCreateOffscreenDrawable() doesn't work right 1 VERIFIED FIXED
145 Clipping panes cause garbage display 1 VERIFIED WORKSFORME
147 Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: /home/carlsonj/jogl/build/obj/libjogl.so: libnvidia-tls.so.1: cannot handle TLS data 1 VERIFIED WORKSFORME
148 Swing Component Shadow on GLJPanel 1 VERIFIED FIXED
149 Swing GLPanel fails with "unexpected async reply" while AWT GLCanvas works 1 VERIFIED WORKSFORME
150 Rendering artifacts with GLJPanel. 1 VERIFIED FIXED
151 starting up the Animator before the GLJPanel has been shown result in an error 1 VERIFIED FIXED
152 Exception in Native Code while forcing all work onto the AWT event queue thread 1 VERIFIED INVALID
153 API method in SingleThreadedWorkaround class to change to old rendering model. 1 VERIFIED FIXED
154 Patches for build problems 1 VERIFIED FIXED
155 resizing jsplitpane leaves dirty zone on linux using animator 1 VERIFIED FIXED
156 Patch to add linux.ia64 target 1 VERIFIED FIXED
157 Add support for Java2D fonts as 3D shapes 1 VERIFIED WONTFIX
158 Endian issue 1 VERIFIED INVALID
159 Document GLCanvas and lightweight interactions 1 VERIFIED FIXED
160 Resource leaks in GLJPanel 1 VERIFIED FIXED
161 NVidia stereo driver support 1 VERIFIED WORKSFORME
162 sigsegv (crash) with DRI (open-source) radeon (r200) drivers 1 VERIFIED WORKSFORME
163 Extend Render-to-Texture functionality to include Render-to-Depth-Texture 1 RESOLVED WONTFIX
164 Expose render-to-texture target 1 RESOLVED WONTFIX
165 GLUT 3.8 fixes bugs in glutStrokeLength and adds glutStrokeLengthf 1 VERIFIED FIXED
166 Memory leak with ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 1 VERIFIED FIXED
167 A crash inside glMaterialfv 1 VERIFIED WORKSFORME
168 Add support for transparency in GLJPanel 1 VERIFIED FIXED
169 Deprecated Swing calls in ScreenResSelector.java 1 VERIFIED FIXED
170 Upgrade Cg binding to 1.4 1 VERIFIED FIXED
171 Dynamically loading the jogl libs 1 VERIFIED WONTFIX
172 Automatically load the .lib/.so files rather than count on -Djava.library.path 1 VERIFIED WONTFIX
173 Adjust gamma, brightness and contrast 1 VERIFIED FIXED
174 Clarify JOGL license 1 VERIFIED FIXED
175 Crash on GLCanvas.removeNotify 1 VERIFIED WORKSFORME
176 javax.media.opengl.GLException: Unable to create OpenGL context when deiconizied JInternalFrame with GLCanvas 1 VERIFIED FIXED
177 Bug in gluBuildMipMaps2D 1 VERIFIED FIXED
178 Need to add extra sizeof consts to BufferUtils 1 VERIFIED FIXED
179 Add documentation on importance of byte ordering 1 VERIFIED FIXED
180 Improve garbage generation 1 VERIFIED FIXED
181 Modal dialogs vanish when using JOGL 1.1.1, Java 1.5, and OS X 10.4.3 1 VERIFIED FIXED
182 Incorporate JOGL Applet 1 VERIFIED FIXED
183 Make gluProject/gluUnproject variants taking Buffers 1 VERIFIED FIXED
184 Remove NURBS constants 1 VERIFIED FIXED
185 swapping out GLCanvas via setTopComponent blinks all components 1 VERIFIED WORKSFORME
186 Incorrect mipmap images with gluBuild2DMipmaps 1 VERIFIED FIXED
187 Add 64 bit Solaris targets 1 VERIFIED FIXED
188 PBO performance problem 1 VERIFIED WONTFIX
189 support pack200 format 1 VERIFIED FIXED
190 Add TetxtureIO features 1 VERIFIED FIXED
191 Add new opengl.1thread=new or similar 1 VERIFIED FIXED
192 Add Alpha to com.sun.opengl.utils.Screenshot.java 1 VERIFIED FIXED
193 antialiasing querying using GLCapabilitiesChooser no longer works in JSR 231 beta 02 1 VERIFIED FIXED
194 Version string should include nightly build date 1 VERIFIED FIXED
195 Pbuffer support broken on X11 platforms 1 VERIFIED FIXED
196 Utility method to create thumbnails 1 VERIFIED FIXED
197 Create projects page 1 VERIFIED FIXED
198 Add GLCapsTableDemo 1 VERIFIED FIXED
199 Incorporate tile rendering library 1 VERIFIED FIXED
200 Need better exceptions / errors when using allocated buffers 1 VERIFIED INVALID
201 gluScaleImage struggles with non-proportionate scaling. 1 VERIFIED INVALID
202 Render to texture no longer working correctly 1 VERIFIED INVALID
203 Missing setup of GL_UNPACK_ALIGNMENT for mipmapped images in TextureIO 1 VERIFIED FIXED
204 JOGL flickers under Mustang build 70 1 VERIFIED INVALID
205 FPSAnimator flag for fixed-rate scheduling 1 VERIFIED FIXED
206 glTexImage2D fails on external context 1 VERIFIED FIXED
207 Add more documentation to TextureIO 1 VERIFIED FIXED
208 Retain persistent pointers in GLImpl 1 VERIFIED INVALID
209 OpenGL version identifier problem 1 VERIFIED DUPLICATE
210 Crashes on Mac OS X related to GLWorkerThread 1 VERIFIED FIXED
211 Screenshot should read any screen rectangle 1 VERIFIED FIXED
212 Incorporate patch to add URL links to GL javadoc 1 VERIFIED FIXED
213 Expose GLCaps from GLDrawable 1 VERIFIED FIXED
214 Jogl hangs when using a JSplitPane and a GLCanvas with zero size under OSX. 1 VERIFIED INVALID
215 Enhancement for NativeLibLoader 1 VERIFIED FIXED
216 Cannot create GLCanvas on non-default GraphicsDevice 1 VERIFIED FIXED
217 JOGLAppletLauncher attempts to create file with an invalid name 1 VERIFIED FIXED
218 glGetFloatv() doesn't populate matrix return types 1 VERIFIED INVALID
219 Allow setting of texture wrap mode in Texture 1 VERIFIED INVALID
220 Gears demo throws exceptions with -Dsun.java2d.opengl=true 1 VERIFIED FIXED
221 Fixing stereo capability in WindowsGLDrawable 1 VERIFIED FIXED
222 Stereo Mode on a GLJPanel 1 VERIFIED INVALID
223 Swing components only update GL_LEFT buffer in stereo mode 1 VERIFIED INVALID
224 Extarnal context dosen't work with GLCanvas 1 VERIFIED FIXED
225 Inclusion of linear algebra in JOGL 1 VERIFIED WONTFIX
226 JOGL seg faulting on Solaris AMD64 1 VERIFIED FIXED
227 Distinct naming for different versions of jogl 1 VERIFIED FIXED
228 Add (...,array) family of methods to GL 1 VERIFIED WONTFIX
229 GLJFrame Utility Class 1 VERIFIED WONTFIX
230 gluBuild2DMipmaps modifies Buffer positions 1 VERIFIED FIXED
231 cannot find symbol DebugGL 1 VERIFIED WORKSFORME
232 Exception thrown when querying program objects 1 VERIFIED WORKSFORME
233 Shader settings destroyed when GLJPanel is garbage collected 1 VERIFIED WORKSFORME
234 Using non resizable borders causes jogl to display incorrectly 1 VERIFIED WORKSFORME
235 VBO with GL glVertexPointer with a null array 1 VERIFIED WONTFIX
236 GLUtessellatorCallback: how to return userData for new combine point 1 VERIFIED INVALID
237 GLU: GLUtessellator callback is mixing up vertexData 1 VERIFIED INVALID
238 BufferedImage flips on call to ImageIO.newTexture 1 VERIFIED FIXED
239 Cannot build jogl on FreeBSD 1 VERIFIED WONTFIX
240 Exceptions thrown in GLCapabilitiesChooser don't function properly 1 VERIFIED FIXED
241 Graphics Device error on dual-monitor setup 1 VERIFIED DUPLICATE
242 Unable to select single-buffered visual 1 VERIFIED FIXED
243 Exception when destroying a Pbuffer while context is current 1 VERIFIED INVALID
244 Using gl.glColor3f and gl.glColor4f in same GL block 1 VERIFIED WORKSFORME
245 glutSolidCylinder missing from com.sun.opengl.util.GLUT 1 VERIFIED FIXED
246 Please install new JOGL webstart descriptors 1 VERIFIED WORKSFORME
247 Texture class should use GL_CLAMP if OpenGL version is 1.1 1 VERIFIED FIXED
248 GLJPanel crashes 1 VERIFIED FIXED
249 Adding generated sources like GL.java to source distribution 1 VERIFIED FIXED
250 Fix getChosenGLCapabilities for Java2D/JOGL bridge 1 RESOLVED WONTFIX
252 Add TextureIO Section to User's Guide 1 VERIFIED INVALID
253 Provide binaries for Windows Vista x64 1 VERIFIED FIXED
254 Provide JOGL JPanel bean for NetBeans 1 VERIFIED DUPLICATE
255 Add utility class for using Java2D fonts in JOGL 1 VERIFIED FIXED
256 Bad call to JOAL's NativeLibLoader.disableLoading in JOGLAppletLauncher 1 VERIFIED FIXED
257 RFE: Texture.updateSubImage(x,y,w,h) 1 VERIFIED FIXED
258 GtkLookAndFeel breaks GLSL shader 1 VERIFIED INVALID
259 need a copy context 1 VERIFIED FIXED
260 "GLException: Surface already locked" after failed makeCurrent 1 VERIFIED FIXED
261 Throttle shrinking of backing store texture for TextRenderer 1 VERIFIED FIXED
262 DRIHack problems with ATI and possibly other drivers 1 VERIFIED FIXED
263 JOGL applets slow in Mozilla / Firefox 1 VERIFIED FIXED
264 SecurityException in JOGLAppletLauncher if JOAL not present 1 VERIFIED FIXED
265 problem scaling TYPE_INT_ARGB, Alpha not scaling 1 VERIFIED INVALID
266 Loading TGA out of a jar using getResourceAsStream shows a corrupted Texture 1 VERIFIED INVALID
267 class DDSImage return incorrect mipmap level data. 1 VERIFIED FIXED
268 Add API for querying graphics card and driver information 1 VERIFIED FIXED
269 Flickering on Windows Vista 1 VERIFIED WONTFIX
270 Possible issues with GLJPanel / pbuffers on X11 1 VERIFIED INVALID
271 wglGetPixelFormatAttribivARB() fails forcing software OpenGL 1 VERIFIED FIXED
272 Move setColor method from TextRenderer up to TextureRenderer 1 VERIFIED FIXED
273 class DDSImage don't support cubemap textures 1 VERIFIED FIXED
274 GLException when GLJPanel (initially not visible) is made visible/showing 1 VERIFIED FIXED
275 Rendering bugs in TextRenderer 1 VERIFIED FIXED
276 Bug in handling of RGB-like custom BufferedImages in TextureIO 1 VERIFIED FIXED
277 Documentation enhancement 1 VERIFIED FIXED
278 Fatal error when rendering text 1 VERIFIED FIXED
279 GLJPanel.setAutoSwapBufferMode(false) throws NPE 1 VERIFIED FIXED
280 Code submitted with Unix Carriage Returns 1 VERIFIED FIXED
281 FileUtil doc enhancement 1 VERIFIED FIXED
282 Unix Carriage returns again 1 VERIFIED DUPLICATE
283 GLBufferStateTracker produces too much garbage 1 VERIFIED FIXED
284 JOGL does not paint when window size==display size and not window.isActive 1 VERIFIED WORKSFORME
285 TextureIO's TGA and SGI RGB code paths should premultiply alpha 1 VERIFIED INVALID
286 Ask site owners to revise documentation 1 VERIFIED INVALID
287 TextRenderer rendering artifacts 1 VERIFIED FIXED
288 Optionally create the TextRenderer's Texture with Mipmaps 1 VERIFIED FIXED
289 GLJPanel show after hide causes GLException 1 VERIFIED DUPLICATE
290 GLJPanel throws NullPointerExceptions with Java 2D/JOGL bridge 1 VERIFIED FIXED
291 native-taglet.properties with links changed to OpenGL SDK 1 VERIFIED FIXED
292 gluScaleImage does not scale correctly 1 VERIFIED FIXED
293 TextRenderer: width of strings with spaces not correct in RC4 1 VERIFIED FIXED
294 TextRenderer: rendering stops when a string is wider than the maximum texture size 1 VERIFIED FIXED
295 glCapabilities2AttribList() doesn't pair GLX_STEREO correctly 1 VERIFIED DUPLICATE
296 TextureIO cube map support broken 1 VERIFIED FIXED
297 buffer size calculation for glTexImage2D is wrong 1 VERIFIED FIXED
298 Flickering on Linux 1 VERIFIED WORKSFORME
299 Parameter passing to subapplets of JoglAppletLauncher 1 VERIFIED WORKSFORME
301 Add support for overlay planes 1 VERIFIED INVALID
302 Black line on texture created with glu 1 VERIFIED INVALID
303 Add GL_BGRA code path to Screenshot 1 VERIFIED FIXED
304 TextRenderer rendering artifacts in 3D mode 1 VERIFIED FIXED
305 GLJPanel does not respect border insets. 1 VERIFIED WONTFIX
306 Split JARs for JOGLAppletLauncher 1 VERIFIED FIXED
307 Rectangular (but still pow2) dds textures with mipmaps incorrectly loaded 1 VERIFIED FIXED
308 Assymetry in null GLCapabilities parameter for off-screen context creation 1 VERIFIED INVALID
309 Clarify GLPbuffer setSize() documentation and exception 1 VERIFIED INVALID
310 Enhance TextureWriter to support decompression 1 CONFIRMED
311 Unable to make context current and crashes vm when useing release and rc3 1 VERIFIED INVALID
312 Investigate dynamic downloading of JOGL 1 VERIFIED WONTFIX
313 gears demo crashes vm on window resize 1 VERIFIED INVALID
314 JGears loops throwing GLException 1 VERIFIED INVALID
315 Memory Leak with Overlay 1 VERIFIED INVALID
316 Multi-Head issues, identical to issue 241 1 VERIFIED FIXED
317 GLJPanel handleReshape bug 1 VERIFIED FIXED
318 ClassNotFoundException when running applet if JOGL installed into JRE 1 VERIFIED WONTFIX
319 JOGL components crash if used inside a NetBeans module 1 RESOLVED INVALID
320 improving DebugGL 1 RESOLVED WONTFIX
321 GL doc could be improved 1 VERIFIED FIXED
322 Please add linker option for vc8 win32 build environment when building gluegen. 1 VERIFIED FIXED
323 TextRenderer leaves VBOs bound 1 VERIFIED FIXED
324 Rendering artifacts with glyph-based TextRenderer 1 VERIFIED FIXED
325 JOGL applets leave trails when scrolled 1 VERIFIED WONTFIX
326 TextRenderer corruption with certain text 1 VERIFIED FIXED
327 Add ability to draw bounding rectangle to TextRenderer 1 RESOLVED WONTFIX
328 jogl binary for windows xp x64 1 VERIFIED WORKSFORME
329 Potential issues with bi-directional text 1 VERIFIED INVALID
330 Inconsistent handling of spaces in TextRenderer 1 RESOLVED WONTFIX
331 Floating-point precision needed in TextRenderer 1 RESOLVED WONTFIX
332 TextRenderer depends on OpenGL 1.3 glClientActiveTexture 1 VERIFIED FIXED
333 Make it possible to specify the name of native libraries 1 VERIFIED WORKSFORME
334 White textures if disabling mipmap 1 VERIFIED WORKSFORME
335 gluErrorString throws an exception with some GLU errors 1 VERIFIED INVALID
336 Add Mac OS X 64-bit support 1 VERIFIED FIXED
337 Compile linux amd64 version without dependency to glibc 2.4 1 VERIFIED FIXED
338 JOGL Applet launched with JNLPAppletLauncher fails on OS X 1 VERIFIED INVALID
339 Add system properties to turn off VAs/VBOs in TextRenderer 1 VERIFIED FIXED
340 glClearColor with alpha set to 0 + glRTeadPixels = fail 1 VERIFIED INVALID
341 JNI Global Reference in native code prevents clean applet termination 1 VERIFIED FIXED
342 demos/j2d/TextFlow (TextRenderer) demo gives fuzzy text 1 VERIFIED FIXED
343 Need way to control smoothing property of TextRenderer 1 VERIFIED DUPLICATE
344 Serious TextRenderer problems involving large fonts & unicode characters 1 VERIFIED FIXED
345 Improve handling of pbuffers with non-power-of-2 sizes 1 VERIFIED INVALID
346 Unable to load Gluegen native libraries on 64bit Windows (msvcr80.dll) 1 VERIFIED FIXED
347 Line Strips rendered in the incorrect position. 1 VERIFIED INVALID
348 Add a method to change font in TextRender 1 RESOLVED WONTFIX
349 Enable multisampling on GLJPanel with Java2D pipeline enabled 1 VERIFIED INVALID
350 build: Use system antlr automatically if jpackage-compatible system 1 VERIFIED FIXED
351 build: use X.org layout 1 VERIFIED FIXED
352 distortion using TextRenderer (sometimes) 1 RESOLVED WONTFIX
353 Threading.invokeOnOpenGLThread() needs more precise documentation 1 VERIFIED WONTFIX
354 Inclusion of a GLCanvas in a JFrame causes exception 1 VERIFIED WORKSFORME
355 Need a way to get a list of GLCapabilities without a drawing surface. 1 VERIFIED FIXED
356 TextRenderer causes a GLException on pre-OpenGL 1.5 version 1 RESOLVED INVALID
357 JOGLInteroperability demo fails on openjdk 1 VERIFIED INVALID
358 Rendering on the browser.... 1 RESOLVED DUPLICATE
359 Problem when hardware rendering fails 1 VERIFIED WONTFIX
360 cgGLSetParameterPointer's "pointer" is a buffer object 1 VERIFIED INVALID
361 Add information about TextRenderer transparency in Javadoc 1 RESOLVED WONTFIX
362 calculated dimensions for MipMaps smaller than 16x16 1 RESOLVED FIXED
363 Upgrade SGI FreeB license headers 1 VERIFIED FIXED
364 TextRenderer broken under Max OSX 10.5.5 1 RESOLVED WONTFIX
365 Bug on javax.media.opengl.glu.GLU.gluBuild2DMipmaps 1 RESOLVED FIXED
366 Replace pbuffer usage with FBO 1 VERIFIED INVALID
367 File created by Screenshot might be flipped vertically 1 RESOLVED WONTFIX
368 VM-Crash when using TextRenderer in DisplayList on ATI GPU 1 VERIFIED WONTFIX
369 Bug in GL_NV_framebuffer_coverage_multisample 1 VERIFIED FIXED
370 Potential crash calling glXDestroyContext 1 VERIFIED WORKSFORME
371 Problem building JOGL source on Win64 1 VERIFIED DUPLICATE
372 glDrawElementsInstancedEXT has no VBO version 1 VERIFIED INVALID
373 cgSetCompilerIncludeCallback is missing 1 CONFIRMED
375 glBlitFramebufferEXT fails when used on OS X with GLJPanel 1 VERIFIED INVALID
376 jogl failure under VirtualBox 3.0.0 1 VERIFIED FIXED
377 float overflow 1 VERIFIED INVALID
378 TextureData incorrectly requires GL context 2 VERIFIED FIXED
379 JOGL 2.0 beta JNLP applets collides with installed JOGL 1.x 1 VERIFIED INVALID
380 AWTTextureIO.newTextureData() should not require a current context 1 VERIFIED DUPLICATE
381 UnsatisfiedLinkError using Windows AMD 64 DLLs 1 VERIFIED FIXED
382 MouseWheel events don't work on linux 1 VERIFIED DUPLICATE
385 Apparently unnecessary catch(Throwable)s 1 VERIFIED DUPLICATE
386 TextRenderer incorrectly requires openGL context 1 RESOLVED WONTFIX
387 OS X 10.5, cannot find "nativeOrder" method of "BufferFactory" class 1 VERIFIED WORKSFORME
391 Race condition in GLStateTracker while accessing/reset the mapping 2 VERIFIED FIXED
395 Fix all undocumented / unhandled exceptions before release (Jogl) 2 VERIFIED FIXED
397 Invalid result 11 from GLCapabilitiesChooser 2 VERIFIED FIXED
398 Provide OSGi Metadata In Builds 2 CONFIRMED
401 Native window events not delivered when doing GLProfile.initSingleton() 2 VERIFIED FIXED
402 Texture Buffer Size 2 VERIFIED INVALID
403 White screen when using GLCanvas and "fullscreen exclusive mode". 2 VERIFIED WONTFIX
404 GLJPanel is not fully painted 2 VERIFIED DUPLICATE
405 Exception running 2 of the JOGL 2 demos 2 VERIFIED DUPLICATE
407 Function glTransformFeedbackVaryings incorrectly passes argument 2 VERIFIED WORKSFORME
410 Multisampling doesn't work at all 2 VERIFIED DUPLICATE
411 Restore applet support / make jogl usable in managed environments again 2 VERIFIED FIXED
414 GLU methods taking double arrays do not work anymore 2 VERIFIED FIXED
416 GLBase.isExtensionAvailable(String glExtensionName) does no work anymore 2 VERIFIED FIXED
417 TextureIO cannot load gray images. 2 VERIFIED FIXED
418 Better error reporting for DebugGL 2 RESOLVED WONTFIX
419 Provide RPM & DEB packages to install JOGL 2 under Linux 2 VERIFIED WONTFIX
420 Missing Constants in javax.media.opengl.GL 2 VERIFIED INVALID
421 DDSImage methode getDepth is wrong tbd CONFIRMED
422 DDSImage needs more Java style methods. 2 VERIFIED DUPLICATE
423 DDSImage class should provide the correct OpenGL enums and values 2 IN_PROGRESS
424 Git source tree fails to build, ambiguous AbstractGraphicsDevice/Configuration 2 VERIFIED INVALID
425 Can never bind attributes to shader program due to faulty logic 2 VERIFIED FIXED
427 GLException with GLJpanel on Win64 JRE 2 VERIFIED FIXED
428 "No profile available" exception on 32-bit Windows XP system 2 VERIFIED DUPLICATE
429 Error: Failed to create an external OpenGL Context from an SWT GLCanvas 2 VERIFIED FIXED
430 JOGL on OSX does not complete unit tests successfully 2 VERIFIED FIXED
431 Removing animator causes java.lang.RuntimeException 2 VERIFIED FIXED
432 Missing JNLP files from deployment 2 VERIFIED FIXED
438 GLException "WindowsWGLDrawableFactory - Could not initialize shared resources" since JOGL 2.0.222 on ATI X300 2 VERIFIED FIXED
439 GLCanvas flickers and displays its background or its scene alternately 2 VERIFIED FIXED
440 incorrect JNLP files in JOGL webstart 2 VERIFIED WORKSFORME
442 GLJPanel resize error. 2 VERIFIED DUPLICATE
443 JOGL1 freeze with GLJPanel 1 VERIFIED WONTFIX
446 incorrect returned compile status and empty logs when using shaders 2 VERIFIED INVALID
447 etc/test.bat fails on Windows 7 and XP inside VMWare 2 VERIFIED FIXED
448 etc/test.sh hangs on CentOS 5.4 for all builds after b187 2 VERIFIED WORKSFORME
449 Lines flipped using flat shading & supersampling 2 VERIFIED FIXED
450 GLJPanel - missing areas on resize 2 VERIFIED FIXED
451 Some AWT tests deadlock on CentOS 5.4 64-bit 2 RESOLVED WORKSFORME
452 "GL_VERSION is NULL" exception in createExternalGLContext() for SWT tests 2 VERIFIED FIXED
453 TextRenderer consumes too much memory 2 VERIFIED FIXED
455 disabling the auto swap buffer mode causes very high memory consumption 2 RESOLVED WORKSFORME
459 Shader compilation fails with caps.setStencilBits(8) set 2 VERIFIED FIXED
460 NPE using the GLCanvas.getFactory() method with minimal setup. 2 VERIFIED FIXED
461 Offscreen rendering does not support supersampling 2 VERIFIED FIXED
462 Multiple Newt-Windows crashes if they are created on different threads at same time. 2 VERIFIED FIXED
463 GLUgl2.gluScaleImage() consumes all memory 2 VERIFIED FIXED
464 TextRenderer setUseVertexArrays not working as intended 2 VERIFIED FIXED
466 glBufferData does not copy the buffer 2 VERIFIED INVALID
467 invokeAndWait exception exclusive to MacOS and Safari browser 2 RESOLVED INVALID
468 ClassCastException when debug flags are enabled 2 VERIFIED FIXED
469 Regression in b281 causes JVM crash with GLCanvas 2 VERIFIED DUPLICATE
470 Gears.jnlp does not start on Mac OS X 2 VERIFIED INVALID
472 Eclipse classpath not updated for recent package rename 2 VERIFIED FIXED
473 Cannot use Override on implementations with Java 1.5 2 VERIFIED FIXED
474 Many missing pages on the rc1 page 2 VERIFIED FIXED
475 Please provide a tarball of jogl 2-rc1 with the source 2 VERIFIED INVALID
476 Old reference to noCDC 2 VERIFIED FIXED
477 TestGearsNewtAWTWrapper & TestGearsNEWT crashes on getAvailableGLVersionsSet 2 VERIFIED WORKSFORME
478 Displaying a GLCanvas causes JVM crash 2 VERIFIED INVALID
479 Typo on the homepage 2 VERIFIED FIXED
480 etc/test.bat causes HotSpot crash on b271 and later (Win XP 32-bit, ATI) 2 VERIFIED FIXED
481 Build errors on Solaris systems. 2 VERIFIED FIXED
483 ProjectFloat.gluInvertMatrixf() improperly claims some matrices are non-invertible 2 CONFIRMED
484 Create a native SWT binding 2 RESOLVED FIXED
485 Freeze on loadLibrary of AWT in Eclipse RCP app inside GLProfile.initSingleton() on Mac OS X 2 VERIFIED INVALID
486 UnsatisfiedLinkError on CGL.getCurrentContext() in Eclipse RCP app on Mac OS X 2 VERIFIED INVALID
489 ant javadoc fails (documentation issue) 2 VERIFIED FIXED
492 New TextRenderer on Win7-64bit-NV-QuadroFX5800 Java-32bit - FBObject produces GL_OUT_OF_MEMORY 2 VERIFIED FIXED
493 "FBConfig null of 0x0" exception when creating external GL context on CentOS 5.5 inside VMWare Server 2.0 2 RESOLVED WORKSFORME
494 Applications hang when making base frame visible 2 RESOLVED WORKSFORME
495 FBO produces GL_OUT_OF_MEMORY on some NVidia / Windows machines 2 RESOLVED WORKSFORME
497 JOGL applet test doesn't work on Firefox or Chrome on Mac OS X 10.6.7 2 VERIFIED FIXED
498 Unable to set pixel format 4 for device context 2 RESOLVED INVALID
499 Simple AWT and JOGL application hangs on startup 2 RESOLVED WORKSFORME
500 OpenGL 4.0/4.1 core context creation fails if done via getGL4() method 2 VERIFIED FIXED
501 Rendering problems on FreeBSD 8.2 2 CONFIRMED
503 JOGL2 is falling back to MS driver 2 VERIFIED FIXED
504 git url is incorrect on http://jogamp.org/jogl/doc/HowToBuild.html 2 VERIFIED FIXED
505 Applets won't work on recall of page [firefox, chrome, safari, IE,..] [Windows, Linux, ..] 2 VERIFIED FIXED
506 NullPointerException when calling GLProfile.getDefault() 2 RESOLVED WORKSFORME
507 Upgrade SWT JARs and wiki for Eclipse 3.7 Indigo 2 VERIFIED FIXED
508 Enhance Mac OS X support to allow creation of OpenGL 3.2 contexts in OSX 10.7 Lion 2 VERIFIED FIXED
510 EGLDrawableFactory static initializer fails: lookupSymbolGlobal not supported on Windows (with fix) 2 VERIFIED FIXED
511 Eclipse build broken by commit 6508b1bd4bdc1bb7ef71bfeb96052fae67a2f425 2 VERIFIED FIXED
512 JOGL won't build with Java 7 2 VERIFIED FIXED
513 WGL.wglMakeCurrent() crashes in native code 2 RESOLVED INVALID
514 gears applet not running on macos 2 VERIFIED FIXED
515 X11 AMD/ATI fglrx driver SIGSEGV (XQueryExtension, _XSend) if multiple Display connections are used. 2 VERIFIED FIXED
516 Building under Java 7 produces some class files with post-Java-6 version numbers 2 RESOLVED FIXED
517 Support Translucent Windows On Compositing Window Manager 2 VERIFIED FIXED
518 jogl.jar on jdownload.java.net is unsigned 2 RESOLVED INVALID
519 GLPBuffer takes awtlock during painting 2 VERIFIED FIXED
520 JOGL crash with ATI mobility Radeon HD 5470 2 RESOLVED DUPLICATE
521 Update wiki tutorials (including screenshots) for RC4 2 RESOLVED FIXED
524 glMaterialfv crashes if color == null 2 RESOLVED WONTFIX
528 UnsatisfiedLinkError with gluegen-rt native library on Mac OS 10.5.8 with 64-bit processor 2 RESOLVED FIXED
532 Intel Graphics: Dead GLCanvas after hide/show in CardLayout w/ Animator start()/stop() [works w/ pause()/resume()] 2 RESOLVED WORKSFORME
533 A call to GLProfile.initSingleton() takes long time 2 VERIFIED FIXED
534 Disposing a GLJPanel causes a JVM crash 2 RESOLVED FIXED
535 Provide Java Web Start demos and tests for those currently runnable only as applets 2.4.0 RESOLVED INVALID
536 JOGL 2.O RC4 crashs with GLCanvas on OSX Snow Leopard in a 32-bit VM 2 RESOLVED FIXED
538 Ant build fails in Eclipse 3.7 2 RESOLVED FIXED
540 Mac Os X Instability - Crashes when disposing NEWT Window (.. and after Applet shutdown) 2 RESOLVED FIXED
541 Ant build fails inside Eclipse with JDK 1.7u2 2 RESOLVED FIXED
542 Add instructions for using native library JARs to wiki pages 2 RESOLVED FIXED
543 can't create opengl 3/4 context 2 RESOLVED INVALID
546 Provide more information about the system at build time 2 RESOLVED FIXED
547 Enable other architectures under GNU/Linux 2 IN_PROGRESS
548 Some MacOS X Machines freeze at JOGL initialization, some even crash 2 RESOLVED FIXED
549 Incorrect calculation of count value in GLUniformData (was: No rendering results with GLSL on Intel HD Graphics 3000 (i3 / Sandy Bridge)) 2 VERIFIED FIXED
551 JOGL runs fine in Eclipse but crashes when running a deployed version on windows 7. On Windows XP everything is fine 2 RESOLVED INVALID
554 JOGL runs slowly after extended use 2 RESOLVED INVALID
555 Embedding NEWT canvas into Applet object doesn't allow to set framerate on OSX 2 RESOLVED FIXED
557 Please provide a source package for rc6 beta 2 RESOLVED INVALID
559 Linux ARM freezes (Java, EGL/ES, JOGL) 2 RESOLVED WORKSFORME
560 Gears applet crashes if close button clicked on detached applet (messaging a dead object) 2 RESOLVED FIXED
561 UnsatisfiedLinkError in x11.X11Lib.XineramaEnabled for Intel GM965/GL960 on Linux 32-bit 2 RESOLVED FIXED
564 X11GLXDrawableFactory - Could not initialize shared resources for :0 due to NullPointerException 2 RESOLVED FIXED
565 XWindow memory leak for GLCanvas (includes analysis) 2 RESOLVED INVALID
566 Application freeze with GLCanvas / GLJPanel and Mesa 8 (Software/Hardware) 2 RESOLVED FIXED
568 VirtualBox: Freeze on tests execution (build from sources) 2 RESOLVED DUPLICATE
569 Multisampling doesn't work with PBuffer on OSX Lion and AMD CPU 2 RESOLVED FIXED
572 Calling invoke(true,GLRunnable) on several GLCanvases in the same container causes a deadlock 2 RESOLVED FIXED
576 Error "javax.media.opengl.GLException: Profile GL2 is not available on null, but: []" on linux x86_64 w/ intel gm45express 2 RESOLVED INVALID
577 Please disable the debug message XInitThreads() called ... 2 RESOLVED FIXED
578 SIGSEGV on upgrade to Mac Lion 10.7.3. 2 RESOLVED WORKSFORME
581 gluUnProject multiplies matrices in wrong order 2 RESOLVED FIXED
584 Texture binding fails if image width < alignment 2 RESOLVED INVALID
586 Bug with GLCanvas/jScrollPane when working with GLJPanel 2 RESOLVED INVALID
587 The temporary directory used by jogl to unpack native libraries may not be executable 2 RESOLVED FIXED
588 Please provide a method getJoglVersion() 2 RESOLVED FIXED
589 Resize GLCanvas broken on OSX and JDK7 2 RESOLVED FIXED
590 Wrong GL2 and GLES2 aliasing of GL_ARB_half_float_pixel/GL_ARB_half_float_vertex and GL_OES_texture_half_float extensions 2 RESOLVED FIXED
597 Segfault on GLDrawableFactory.getDesktopFactory() used in headless mode 2 RESOLVED FIXED
598 JOGL ALL JAR File Change incl. it's Native Jar URL Derivation 2 RESOLVED FIXED
599 Add support for API-transparent FBO offscreen GLDrawable creation (similar to pbuffer offscreen) via GLDrawableFactory 2 RESOLVED FIXED
602 Dual GPU Switching Not Working / Crash after an NVIDIA driver update 2 RESOLVED INVALID
603 Trouble running JOGL demo code on Ubuntu 12.04 Eclipse 3.7.2 2 RESOLVED FIXED
604 Archive style applet embedding triggers "pixel format 17" error 2 RESOLVED WORKSFORME
605 Use of accumulation buffer flips image 2 RESOLVED INVALID
606 New AWT threading implementation breaks OpenGL in Processing 2.0 (OSX) 2 RESOLVED FIXED
607 JavaFX 2+ and JOGL should work together tbd IN_PROGRESS
610 JOGL crash with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200 in libX11 XQueryExtension on application exit 2 RESOLVED FIXED
611 java.awt.Desktop performance drops after JOGL initialization 2 RESOLVED FIXED
612 glVertexAttribIPointer(int, int, int, int, long) is missing 2 RESOLVED FIXED
613 Crash of swing components with JOGL and 2 screens 1 RESOLVED WORKSFORME
614 GLProfile crashes on Mountain Lion 2 RESOLVED FIXED
615 PBuffer On Second X Screen Fails 2 RESOLVED FIXED
616 Remove XInitThreads() (and hence XLockDisplay/XUnlockDisplay) - Make X11 Display usage lock free. 2 RESOLVED FIXED
617 Stabilize Offscreen Layered FBO and PBuffer Resize Operation on Mac OSX 2 VERIFIED FIXED
618 glBlendFunc in OpenGL ES 1.0 - missing constants. 2 RESOLVED INVALID
619 glBlendColor function not available in OpenGL ES 1.0 2 RESOLVED INVALID
620 glUniform functions not available in OpenGL ES 1.0 2 RESOLVED INVALID
621 JVM Crashes During X11 Shutdown 2 RESOLVED FIXED
622 Changes required to build JOGL git master on Mac OS X 10.8 with Oracle JDK 2 RESOLVED FIXED
623 Sporadic XCB assertion failures w/ ATI proprietary driver and w/o native X11 locking 2 RESOLVED WONTFIX
624 No android-specific classes in RC10 build 2 RESOLVED FIXED
626 Support X11/EGL-blit on Rasp.Pi allowing use of AWT and Applets (was: NApplet fail using newt bcm.vc.iv driver) 2 CONFIRMED
627 Uncaught exception with Mac OS X Mountain Lion 2 RESOLVED INVALID
630 packed depth stencil extension not properly detected 2 RESOLVED FIXED
633 PMVMatrix/ProjectFloat broken 2 VERIFIED FIXED
634 Enhance Offscreen Layered FBO 2 IN_PROGRESS
635 Unexpected random NullPointerException 2 RESOLVED INVALID
636 Quaternion multiplication unexpected behavior 2 RESOLVED FIXED
638 Problem requesting non-hardware-accelerated capabilities on a device capable of hardware acceleration 2 RESOLVED FIXED
640 JOGL ES1 demo GearsES1 crashes on Kindle Fire HD 7" 2 RESOLVED INVALID
641 NEWT: Distinguish keyCode (kbd layout independent) and keySym (kbd layout dependent) (was: Invalid keyCodes returned with com.jogamp.newt.event.KeyEvent) 2 RESOLVED FIXED
642 Exception when adjusting JSplitPane containing GLCanvas in RC11. 2 RESOLVED FIXED
646 JOGL 2.0-rc11 doesn't work on the android emulator 2 RESOLVED INVALID
647 SWT scrolling of GLCanvas doesn't work under Mac OS Mountain Lion tbd CONFIRMED
648 app on OSX when moving window between displays 2.3.0 RESOLVED FIXED
649 Clear FBO layer at creation 2 RESOLVED FIXED
650 Fails to build under arm hard float on Debian [Wheezy] and Ubuntu [Precise & Raring] 2 RESOLVED FIXED
651 GL_INVALID_ENUM raised with glGetInteger(GL_MAX_TEXTURE_IMAGE_UNITS, ...) w/ Mesa3D 9.0 2 RESOLVED INVALID
652 DebugGL of a GL2ES2 context doesn't return true for isGLES 2 RESOLVED FIXED
653 PNGJ Update to support PNG Interlace 2 RESOLVED FIXED
654 Gears demo displays only a white screen 2 RESOLVED FIXED
655 OpenGL is unable to draw to canvas 2 RESOLVED DUPLICATE
657 PMVMatrix.glPushTransform shouldn't allocate a new float array per call 2 RESOLVED FIXED
658 3.1 context on Mesa 9.0.1 is buggy 2 RESOLVED FIXED
660 Indexed color PNG does not render correctly 2 RESOLVED FIXED
663 JOGL display window is completely blank 2 RESOLVED FIXED
664 GLCanvas + GLJPanel Ignore Visibility (was OS X 10.8 + Java 7 + GLCanvas => Poor animation, lock ups, memory leak) 2 RESOLVED FIXED
665 Allow re-association of GLContext/GLEventListener to a GLDrawable, allowing GLContext/GLEventListener survival of GLDrawable/Surface Destruction 2 RESOLVED FIXED
668 Android Newt KeyEvent.getKeyChar returns always uppercase character 2 RESOLVED FIXED
669 Recursive GLContext makeCurrent() doesn't work 2 RESOLVED FIXED
671 Add jpeg decoding support in core utils (w/o AWT -> headless, embedded devices) 2 RESOLVED FIXED
673 JOGAMP SWT GLCanvas don't generate reshape events on OSX and Linux. 2.3.0 RESOLVED FIXED
674 JOGL/SWT Windowing/Surface Interoperability tbd CONFIRMED
675 GLCanvas NPE if true == Beans.isDesignTime() 2 RESOLVED FIXED
679 NullPointerException in some Mac OS X computers 2 RESOLVED FIXED
680 JOGL 10 Year Anniversary @ 2013-06-06 07:30:12 (UTC?) 2 RESOLVED FIXED
682 Relocating remaining javax.media.opengl.* -> com.jogamp.opengl.* to relax probable license issue while bundling JOGL 2.3.0 RESOLVED FIXED
686 Add native Libraries for GLMediaPlayer fallback w/ patent free Codecs like WebM or AV1 tbd CONFIRMED
689 App works from command line, but does not work from JNLP 2 RESOLVED FIXED
690 OSX (Offscreen CALayer): Occasional Freeze on CVDisplayLinkStop on MainThread 2 RESOLVED FIXED
691 OSX (Offscreen CALayer): Layers and native GL-Context are _not_ Released 2 RESOLVED FIXED
692 Spurious exception thrown when using Vertex Array Objects (VAO) and glDrawElements 2 UNCONFIRMED
694 BufferUnderflowException in gluScaleImage 2 RESOLVED INVALID
695 Buffer underflow in WindowsWGLGraphicsConfiguration 2 RESOLVED FIXED
696 glClipPlane should be in GL2ES1 2 RESOLVED INVALID
703 Quaternion SLERP not working jumping and returning incorrect interpolation 2 RESOLVED FIXED
704 PBuffer not working on Xvfb/Mesa 2 RESOLVED INVALID
705 JVM crashes when System.exit(0) is called w/ Mesa X11 SW Driver < 8.0 2 RESOLVED FIXED
706 JOGL crashes under Windows 7 (32 bits & 64 bits) with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 6370 2 RESOLVED FIXED
709 Texturing with Newt and FBO flag partly corrupt 2 RESOLVED INVALID
710 Nehe Tutorial #9 does not work in JWS 2 UNCONFIRMED
712 Using GLCanvas and the SWT_AWT bridge reveals a JavaEmbeddedFrame when ran with Java 7 2 UNCONFIRMED
713 libEGL Warning: Could not open egl_softpipe.so 2 RESOLVED FIXED
714 GL Constants not defined 2 RESOLVED FIXED
715 glGetIntegerv Can Possibly Pass A Bad Pointer To ReleasePrimitiveArrayCritical 2 RESOLVED FIXED
716 Add OpenGL 4.3 Support 2 RESOLVED DUPLICATE
717 Add OpenGL ES 3.0 Support 2 RESOLVED DUPLICATE
718 Windows BITMAP Offscreen Fails w/ GLCaps other than simple RGB888 2 RESOLVED FIXED
719 Windows BITMAP Offscreen Orientation is not propagated through API (i.e. vertically flipped when read-out w/ OpenGL API via glReadPixels()) 2 RESOLVED FIXED
720 Unify all platform specific GLContextImpl specializations - Allowing to swap on- and offscreen GLDrawables w/ unique GLContext instance 2 RESOLVED FIXED
722 GLEventListenerState doesn't track AbstractGraphicsDevice's Toolkit Lock. It also shall lock the GLAutoDrawable's NativeSurface while operating. 2 RESOLVED FIXED
724 Loading transparent PNG without alpha channel into Texture 2 RESOLVED FIXED
725 FFMPEGMediaPlayer audio frame decode and playback 2 RESOLVED FIXED
728 Java Web Start: Exception "java.lang.IllegalStateException: zip file closed" 2 RESOLVED FIXED
729 OSX CALayer shall honor the Component's visibility state (was: Could not make OSX CALayer'ed GLCanvas invisible via CardLayout switching cards) 2 RESOLVED FIXED
730 Dragging a frame with a GLCanvas from one screen to another does not work as expected 2 RESOLVED INVALID
731 GLJPanel: Reduce JVM/CPU Heap Memory Usage - Share IntBuffer for readPixel/flip-vert 2 RESOLVED FIXED
732 Add some support of Android 2.0 into JOGL/NEWT 2 RESOLVED WONTFIX
735 Screen is not updated when using invoke() method on OSX 2 RESOLVED FIXED
736 GLArrayDataServer.createData with dataType=GL_UNSIGNED_INT causing exception 2 RESOLVED FIXED
737 GLSL Version [1.30 .. 1.50[ requires [default] precision at least for fragment Shader float values 2 RESOLVED FIXED
738 EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGSEGV) in jogamp.nativewindow.jawt.macosx.MacOSXJAWTWindow.SetJAWTRootSurfaceLayer0 2 RESOLVED INVALID
739 NativeWindowException with SWT/Ubuntu 2 UNCONFIRMED
740 GLJPanel crashes when resuming from sleep mode 2 UNCONFIRMED
741 Enable Hi-Dpi Mode on OSX (Retina) 2 RESOLVED FIXED
743 Quaternion patch 2 RESOLVED FIXED
744 RLE encoded tga images support 2 RESOLVED FIXED
745 loading jpeg image causing NullPointerException 2 RESOLVED FIXED
746 Shapes not displayed using Fedora 18 and open source driver 2 UNCONFIRMED
748 PMVMatrix gluProject and gluUnProject broken w/ backingArray (default) 2 RESOLVED FIXED
749 Solaris SPARC builds require extra steps 2 RESOLVED FIXED
750 Leaked X11 ColorMap for each created X11 Window in NativeWindow (dummy) and NEWT 2 RESOLVED FIXED
753 Rendering w/ CALayer shall not hog the GPU, otherwise heavy stuttering due to lack of proper GL multithreading. 2 RESOLVED FIXED
754 Remove Ubuntu fonts from jogl-all.jar, provide it separately to reduce footprint for the masses. 2 RESOLVED FIXED
759 No Rendering Results w/ Mesa 9.2.0-devel and Gallium 0.4 on AMD RS880 2 RESOLVED FIXED
763 GL2GL3.glCreateShaderProgramv has bad signature and does not work 2 RESOLVED FIXED
764 glDrawElementBaseVertex cannot be used with ELEMENT_ARRAY_BUFFER objects 2 RESOLVED FIXED
765 glMultiDrawElementsBaseVertex is missing 2 RESOLVED FIXED
769 Texturing has broken in going from rc11 to rc12 2 RESOLVED FIXED
774 GL3bc profile returned for 3.1 core context 2 RESOLVED INVALID
776 Allow sharing a GLContext w/ GLAutoDrawable more conveniently 2 RESOLVED FIXED
777 Bump PNGJ to git sha1 a0b1101ba2d37de39428ed55c8189502e24a3125 of https://code.google.com/p/pngj 2 RESOLVED FIXED
778 GLJPanel: Add API entry to define texture-unit for FBO/GLSL usage 2 RESOLVED FIXED
781 JAWTWindow.java Random Freeze on lockSurfaceImpl 2 RESOLVED INVALID
782 AccessControlException using jogl.debug.TextRenderer in applet 2 RESOLVED FIXED
785 Add OpenGL 4.3 and OpenGL ES 3.0 Support 2 RESOLVED FIXED
786 Remove duplicate Debug* and Trace* pipeline generated code - Use simple wrappers using the main wrappers. 2 RESOLVED FIXED
787 GLProfile Selection: Favor core profiles on all platforms if a common abstract profile is requested, e.g. GL2ES2 2 RESOLVED FIXED
788 Add Better ability to control AWT focus when using NewtCanvasAWT 2 CONFIRMED
789 Require entry points GL4.glDrawArraysIndirect(int, long) and GL4.glDrawElementsIndirect(int, int, long) 2 RESOLVED FIXED
794 Add Wayland Windowing/Surface Interoperability tbd CONFIRMED
801 Cleanup Graph API, Remove Redundancies. 2 RESOLVED FIXED
802 Enhance Graph Performance w/ Text Rendering 2 RESOLVED FIXED
806 GLMediaPlayer/video: Add Input Device Support (Camera ..) 2 RESOLVED FIXED
810 JOGL should only try to load the native libraries supported by the operating system 2 RESOLVED FIXED
811 The legacy text renderer doesn't support GL3 tbd UNCONFIRMED
815 GL*: Change glIs<Buffer>Enabled() -> glIs<Buffer>Bound() to reflect semanics - Also fix the exception message (enabled/disabled -> bound/unbound) 2 RESOLVED FIXED
816 GLCanvas and NewtCanvasAWT Positioned permanently on lower left corner 2 RESOLVED FIXED
817 GLContextImpl's getDefaultPixelDataType()/getDefaultPixelDataFormat() returns 0 2 RESOLVED FIXED
818 JOGL 2.0.2 crash on Mac OS X 10.6.8 with GLJPanel 2 RESOLVED FIXED
819 compilation fails to locate JavaVM.framework/Libraries 2 RESOLVED INVALID
821 GL2ES2 backward compatibility broken using OpenGL 4.3.0 NVIDIA drivers 2 RESOLVED FIXED
823 AWTTextureIO does not properly interpret a BufferedImage created with BufferedImage.getSubImage() 2 UNCONFIRMED
826 GLJPanel not unbinding the texture 2 RESOLVED FIXED
827 ShaderProgam helper class reports errors incorrectly 2 RESOLVED FIXED
828 Enhance TileRenderer (Fixed tile-size, arbitrary tile-size, custom PMV matrix, GLAutoDrawable support, ..) 2 RESOLVED FIXED
829 Add AWT Printing Support 2 RESOLVED FIXED
830 GLDrawableUtil.swapGLContextAndAllGLEventListener: Doesn't work w/ MSAA or AccumBuffer and on- offscreen swap 2 RESOLVED FIXED
831 GLMediaPlayer: Use lock free Multithreaded Decoding (StreamWorker) decoupled from user animation thread. 2 RESOLVED FIXED
832 GLMediaPlayer: Support multiple versions of FFMPEG/Libav, solve binary incompatibility problem 2 RESOLVED FIXED
834 AMD gles_sdk native dlls are classified as ANGLE implementation 2 UNCONFIRMED
835 JOGL v2.0.2 compiled to target Java7 instead of Java6 2 RESOLVED FIXED
836 Exiting full screen issues a reshape back to the full screen resolution. 2 RESOLVED FIXED
838 glReadPixels is receiving data in the wrong order with certain display drivers 2 RESOLVED WORKSFORME
839 Clarify GLStateTracker enabled/disabled state, obfuscated by 83d3a3f2ea8dc328e621b3abbe671f46379c7e65 2 RESOLVED FIXED
841 GLJPanel "lagging" by one frame. 2 RESOLVED WORKSFORME
842 GLJPanel's GLSL Image flip method requires glFrontFace to be GL_CCW 2 RESOLVED WONTFIX
847 Overlaying Swing components atop GLJPanel not working on Mac OS Java 7 2 RESOLVED WORKSFORME
848 Applet on OSX w/ CALayer and 2 or more GLCanvas may 'crash' 2 RESOLVED INVALID
849 AWT GLAutoDrawables (JAWTWindow) shall honor it's parent visibility state 2 RESOLVED FIXED
850 FFMPEGMediaPlayer is not able to load native avformat DLL 2 RESOLVED WORKSFORME
851 Jogl 2.0.2 doesn't find any GLProfile on Android 2 RESOLVED INVALID
852 Properly reflect OpenGL-core >= 3.1 and ES >= 3.0 API functions restricted to Buffer Objects 2 RESOLVED FIXED
854 Jogl crash with mesa driver under linux 2 RESOLVED WORKSFORME
859 TileRenderer shall detect zero columns and rows in eot() where beginTile() shall throw an EOT IllegalStateException to avoid division by zero 2 RESOLVED FIXED
860 AWT Printing (AWTTilePainter): Shall use the enclosing integer rectangle of the scaled double precision clipping rect 2 RESOLVED FIXED
862 NVidia GTX550 driver 331.13 - 64bit Linux - No compatibility GLProfile (GL2, >= GL3bc) 2 RESOLVED FIXED
864 JOGL 2.1.1 does not work for GL3 on Mac OS X whereas 2.1.0 works 2 RESOLVED DUPLICATE
866 Frequent IndexOutOfBoundsException in jogamp.opengl.egl.EGLGraphicsConfigurationFactory 2 RESOLVED FIXED
867 OSX: Recognize OpenGL Core Profile > 3.0 (OSX 10.9 supports 4.1 core) 2 RESOLVED FIXED
868 Reduce amount of garbage generated in Debug pipeline wrappers 2 RESOLVED FIXED
869 GLEventListener#init not called from GLWindow OSX 10.9 2 RESOLVED DUPLICATE
870 Tracing GL pipelines do not increase the indent when hitting glBegin 2 RESOLVED FIXED
872 ES3 and ES3-GLSL Version not properly Handled 2 RESOLVED FIXED
873 Shared GLContext Usage Causes: 'intel_do_flush_locked: No such file or directory' with Intel's Mesa 9.2.1 Backend for [Sandybridge/Ivybridge] on GNU/Linux 2 CONFIRMED
874 GLJPanel does not respect glEnable(GL_FRAMEBUFFER_SRGB) 2 UNCONFIRMED
875 Regression of Bug 862 fix: InternalError GLES1ProcAddressTable not matching jogamp.opengl.es3.GLES3 2 RESOLVED FIXED
876 BuildComposablePipeline: getGL*() shall not return downstream.getGL*() [TraceGL* / DebugGL*] 2 RESOLVED FIXED
877 Concurrency Discussion: Synchronization, Locking and Non-Blocking Access 2 IN_PROGRESS
878 JAWTWindow's HierarchyListener doesn't set component visible (again) on 'addNotify(..)' - GLCanvas in JtabbedPane disappear 2 RESOLVED FIXED
880 Add Math Utility to Support Converting Values to/from the 'binary16' format as specified in 'IEEE 754 2008' 2 RESOLVED FIXED
882 Jogl 2.1.2-rc-20131031 crash on OSX when closing NEWT window 2 RESOLVED FIXED
885 GLMediaPlayer: Allow single threaded mode - Especially where multiple media textures (Android) or shared GL context are not usable. 2 RESOLVED FIXED
886 jogl-all-natives-linux-amd64.jar content has not changed in new release 2 RESOLVED INVALID
889 GLCanvas disappear when moves between two JFrame 2 RESOLVED FIXED
890 Jogl 2.1.2 doesn't recognize GL2ES2 profile on GLES3 capable hardware 2 RESOLVED FIXED
891 Enhance GLCapabilities-Query from native Configuration (EGL, GLX, WGL) / General Performance 2 RESOLVED FIXED
894 Validate [offscreen|dummy] Surface Locking and Multithreaded GLOffscreenDrawable Usage 2 RESOLVED FIXED
896 Use EGL_KHR_create_context allowing EGLContext to create OpenGL Destop Contex and using Debug profiles (for desktop and mobile) 2.3.2 RESOLVED FIXED
898 Can't control Animator from EDT/Animator thread - notifyAll() not always called in AnimatorBase.finishLifecycleAction(..) 2 RESOLVED FIXED
899 Jogl blocks other applications that try to retrieve window names 2 RESOLVED DUPLICATE
902 GLMediaPlayer issue when using a File.toURI generated URI ( windows only ) 2 RESOLVED FIXED
904 GLJPanel: Allow user to skip isGLOriented() based vertical flip of offscreen backend 2 RESOLVED FIXED
905 GLJPanel and GLOffscreenDrawable Performance 2 RESOLVED FIXED
906 JAWTWindow Component- and HierarchyListener must be detached at JAWTWindow.destroy() - GLCanvas Recreation Case 2 RESOLVED FIXED
907 Add Dispatch Thread for Windows DummyWindow's allowing 3rd party applications to retrieve window names (send events) 2 RESOLVED FIXED
909 GLJPanel's singleton AWTGLPixelBuffer derived BufferedImage not re-created when required 2 RESOLVED FIXED
911 Swing paint too late after switch from GLCanvas 2 RESOLVED WONTFIX
915 GLES2 and GLES3 contexts rejected on Mesa/AMD where ES3 is available since 2.1.1 2 RESOLVED INVALID
917 Improved Buffer Object Extension Checks Can Break Custom GL Subclasses 2 RESOLVED INVALID
918 FFMPEGMediaPlayer -vid -2 fail to decode and queue audio packets 2 RESOLVED FIXED
925 Accept an ES3 Context, if reported via GL-Version-String w/o EGL_OPENGL_ES3_BIT_KHR 2 RESOLVED FIXED
927 Multithreading (MT) issues with ALAudioSink (openal-soft) and minor MT issues w/ libav/ffmpeg 2 RESOLVED FIXED
928 JAWTWindow's JAWTComponentListener _not_ attached and original visibility state not restored @ detach. 2 RESOLVED FIXED
929 Reflect ES3 Compatibility with ES2 2 RESOLVED FIXED
930 OSX: Using 'Apple Software Renderer' GLRendererQuirks Quirk GL4NeedsGL3Request not set 2 RESOLVED FIXED
931 OSX: v2.0.2-rc12 causes a SIGABRT with Applets (Safari, Firefox, .. and JVM 7u45) 2 RESOLVED WORKSFORME
932 javax.media.opengl.GLProfile.initSingleton() crashes in native code with Intel Graphics driver in standard configuration on Windows 7 2 RESOLVED WORKSFORME
933 Force GLMediaPlayer not to depend on machine time 2.5.0 CONFIRMED
936 Nearer objects show up behind closer objects 2.3.0 RESOLVED WORKSFORME
937 JAWTWindow: Unsatisfying Visibility Computation (was: Canvas in CardLayout always visible) 2 RESOLVED FIXED
938 MemoryObject.java has no more equals() method 2 RESOLVED FIXED
939 2.1.3 Problem on Linux 2 RESOLVED INVALID
942 Track GLBufferObject's Data-Store and it's NIO mapped buffers accurately, synchronized and secure. 2 RESOLVED FIXED
943 GLBufferStateTracker shall support tracking all possible buffer targets .. 2 RESOLVED FIXED
946 AWT frame resize doesn't properly resize/reposition GLCanvas in 2.1.3 2 RESOLVED DUPLICATE
947 SIGABRT (double free) OSX 10.9 + NV w/ Multithreaded Shared GL Buffers (shared VBOs via shared GLContext) - glDrawArrays 2 CONFIRMED
948 NVIDIA 331.38 (Linux X11) EGL impl. only supports _one_ EGL Display via eglGetDisplay(..) 2 RESOLVED FIXED
949 removeGLEventListener method apparently missing from GLAutoDrawable in 2.1.3 2 RESOLVED INVALID
952 JAWTWindow's JAWTComponentListener may deadlock due to AWTTreeLock acquisition 2 RESOLVED FIXED
953 Allow the creation of a BufferedImage from a TextureData 2.5.0 IN_PROGRESS
954 Allow the creation of an ImageData (org.eclipse.swt.graphics.ImageData) from a TextureData 2 UNCONFIRMED
956 NewtCanvasSWT ignore windowing offset on OSX using ViewForm 2 RESOLVED FIXED
961 Add workaround(s) for 'Mesa 8.0.5 X11 SWRAST' issues (glXGetFBConfigAttrib, glXMakeContextCurrent) 2 RESOLVED FIXED
962 AWTGLReadBufferUtil should use aligned BufferedImage [for resized images]; Fix GLReadBufferUtil GL_PACK_ROW_LENGTH 2 RESOLVED FIXED
966 Shader class 2 RESOLVED WORKSFORME
972 Reduce ClassLoader Lookup, i.e. Class.forName(..) 2 RESOLVED FIXED
973 NativeWindowFactory: Needs service provider interface (SPI) for TK specific implementations (Scaling) tbd UNCONFIRMED
974 Add missing [GL4] glMultiDrawArraysIndirect(int mode, int type, long indirect_offset, int drawcount, int stride) 2 RESOLVED FIXED
975 GLJPanel's OffscreenDrawable shall not double swap (custom swap by GLEventListener using [AWT]GLReadBufferUtil) 2 RESOLVED FIXED
976 JVM crash jogl 2.1.4 wglCreateContextAttribsARB webstart 2 RESOLVED WORKSFORME
977 NEWT OSX MouseListener does not receive move events if windows is maximized 2.3.2 RESOLVED DUPLICATE
982 TextureIO fails to load some Targa image files 2 RESOLVED INVALID
984 GLBufferObjectTracker.mapBuffer() calls mapBufferImpl() with incorrect parameters 2 RESOLVED FIXED
986 Crash using MESA drivers on VirtualBox OpenSuse 2 UNCONFIRMED
993 Make JOGL's tracking information public 2 RESOLVED WORKSFORME
995 Linux + Java 7 + Dual screen issue 2 UNCONFIRMED
997 Error on dispose 1 RESOLVED INVALID
1001 Simple Newt+GL2ES2 App on MacOS 10.9.2 does not respond using jogl-all-noawt.jar (works w/ jogl-all.jar) 2 RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1004 GLCanvas displays an empty rectangle in Applets on Mac OS X 2 VERIFIED FIXED
1007 patch: fix build on FreeBSD i386 2 UNCONFIRMED
1009 FBObject's chooses incompatible format for sampling sink according to ES3 spec. 2 RESOLVED FIXED
1010 ES3.glPixelStorei: Revalidate GLPixelStorageModes / glPixelStorei must allow pname's other than GL_PACK_ALIGNMENT & GL_UNPACK_ALIGNMENT 2 RESOLVED FIXED
1011 GLMediaPlayer: Sound and video stutter w/ JOAL ALAudioSink using OSX OpenAL impl 2 RESOLVED FIXED
1016 GLJPanel Offscreen FBO size may exceed GL MAX TEXTURE SIZE, only use an FBO TextureAttachment if required 2 RESOLVED FIXED
1017 TextureIO.write(Texture, File) throws GLException Not a GL2 implementation on GL3 contexts 2 RESOLVED FIXED
1019 Remedy of Bug 691 causes 'access/modify after free' and crashes the app on OSX 2 RESOLVED FIXED
1020 First MSAA FBO frame on a mac osx nvidia card not antialiased 2 RESOLVED FIXED
1021 Add generic support for stereoscopic renderer, demo w/ OculusVR 2 RESOLVED FIXED
1028 AMD Windows driver thread hinders JVM process to exit/end, caused by _not_ destroying the SharedResource context 2 RESOLVED FIXED
1029 Memory leak in GLDrawableHelper: 'perThreadInitAction' shall use a WeakReference 2 RESOLVED FIXED
1031 Remove Deprecated Classes and Methods (JOGL) 2 RESOLVED FIXED
1033 Guarantee atomicity of high-level GLAutoDrawable operations, avoiding race conditions. 2 RESOLVED FIXED
1035 Allow Gamma [Brightness, Contrast] settings to be performed on display/screen of a NativeSurface 2 RESOLVED FIXED
1036 Fix NVidia's Windows Driver Threaded optimization bug workaround 2 RESOLVED FIXED
1037 FBObject/GLFBODrawable: Do not assume using a TextureAttachment for a Colorbuffer, also make DEPTH optional. 2 RESOLVED FIXED
1038 Allow skipping detection of certain GLProfiles, i.e. core profiles, >= 4.0, EGL, etc 2 RESOLVED FIXED
1039 Specify behavior of GLEventListener Exceptions occurring while GLAutoDrawable processing 2 RESOLVED FIXED
1040 Font space character width problem (GPU renderer) tbd UNCONFIRMED
1041 GPU Font rendering bugs on bold fonts tbd UNCONFIRMED
1042 Add autodetection of image type in TextureIO 2.3.2 RESOLVED FIXED
1043 Add Tessellation Control and Evaluation Shader Support 2 RESOLVED FIXED
1044 Offscreen drawable AWT/ImageIO results in black image on OSX/[Java7-Java8] 2 RESOLVED INVALID
1045 Implement GLUgles2 tbd UNCONFIRMED
1046 Crash (jvm segfault) when using a one-jar 2 RESOLVED INVALID
1047 jogamp.opengl.glu.mipmap.Mipmap badly parses the GL version when using Mesa OpenGL ES 2.3.0 RESOLVED FIXED
1048 Multiple windows not rendering on Java 7 on OSX with NewtCanvasAWT 2 RESOLVED INVALID
1049 Application Crashes when System.exit() is Called within JOGL callbacks. 2 UNCONFIRMED
1052 Wrong GLProfile mapping: GL4ES3 -> GL3, allowed are only [GL4bc, GL4 and GLES3] 2 RESOLVED FIXED
1054 GLContext: makeCurrent() needs a null-check of [mutable] drawable; Review null checks and synchronization/locking. 2 RESOLVED FIXED
1055 Access and query shared master GLContext in a deterministic fashion ; Don't use arbitrary shared context as 'master'. 2 RESOLVED FIXED
1058 Fix GLContext.getGLSLVersionString(): Add 'profile' after version for GLSL >= 150 allowing GLSL compatibility profile 2 RESOLVED FIXED
1059 AUDIT use of intern for String constants and reference comparisons 2.4.0 IN_PROGRESS
1060 provide a method to know whether JOGL (GLProfile) has been initialized, without initializing 2 RESOLVED FIXED
1061 Make possibility to draw antialiased text to different frame buffer tbd UNCONFIRMED
1062 GNU/Linux armhf / i.mx6 (Vivante GC2000 blob) test crash in libGL's glGetString at EGL/ES probing/init tbd IN_PROGRESS
1064 Fix Graph Font Rendering (group for related bugs) tbd IN_PROGRESS
1066 Evaluate high-frequency usage of synchronizing glGetError(), e.g. GLBufferObjectTracker and GLBufferStateTracker 2.3.0 RESOLVED FIXED
1068 Allow GLContext creation and makeCurrent without default framebuffer for OpenGL >= 3.0 (for offscreen / GLFBODrawable usage) 2.3.0 RESOLVED FIXED
1069 Provide some information about the OpenGL renderer early without requiring the creation of a drawable 2.3.0 RESOLVED INVALID
1070 Fix glPixelStorei issues w/ ES3 and OpenGL 1.1 2.3.0 RESOLVED FIXED
1071 Fix AnimatorBase.finishLifecycleAction(): Non blocking call shall return true, success. 2.3.0 RESOLVED FIXED
1072 GLJPanel: Allow reconfiguration of offscreen's GLCapabilitiesImmutable 2.3.0 RESOLVED FIXED
1073 Fix FBObject/GLFBODrawable: Redundancies, bind/unbind, renderbuffer depth/stencil bits 2.3.0 RESOLVED FIXED
1074 Add GLRendererQuirks Entry for Mesa 7.2 software, FBO color renderbuffer crash 2.3.0 RESOLVED FIXED
1076 Fix race conditions in GLDrawableHelper glRunnable and Animator* for unhandled exceptions 2.3.0 RESOLVED FIXED
1077 Fix GLContextImpl.setRendererQuirks(..) CTX_IMPL_ACCEL_SOFT profile state 2.3.0 RESOLVED FIXED
1078 No rendering on Intel Q35 Express under Windows 7 2.3.0 RESOLVED FIXED
1079 symbolic link in jogl/doc/bouml causes problems 2.3.0 RESOLVED FIXED
1081 Fix GLJPanel Regression: Honor pre-init reshape-size at initializeBackendImpl() 2.3.0 RESOLVED FIXED
1082 Incr. Robustness of GLDrawableFactoryImpl.createOffscreenDrawable(..) and AWTPrintLifecycle.setupPrint() 2.3.0 RESOLVED FIXED
1083 Fix all backward compatibility issues w/ 2.2.0 and 2.2.1 2.3.0 RESOLVED FIXED
1084 Mapped GLProfile's (e.g. GL2ES2, GL2GL3) select software renderer GL4 instead of hardware renderer GL3 2.3.0 RESOLVED FIXED
1085 GLJPanel regression while printing w/ invisible GLJPanel: Zero size panel size 2.3.0 RESOLVED FIXED
1086 JOGL crashes with VirtualGL since version 2.1.4 2.3.0 RESOLVED INVALID
1087 OSX 10.9.5 - default framebuffer write causes GL_INVALID_FRAMEBUFFER_OPERATION on dummy drawable 2.3.0 RESOLVED FIXED
1088 OSX 10.9.5: Crash using master GLContext with multiple threads using GLContext sharing with master 2.3.0 RESOLVED FIXED
1091 Graph FontFactory: Add method allowing Font loading via InputStream 2.3.0 RESOLVED FIXED
1092 Strange behaviour with keyPressed and keyReleased 2 UNCONFIRMED
1094 2.2.1 Regression: temporary directory now crashes in applet 2.3.0 RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1096 EGL cleanup and accessibility 2.3.0 RESOLVED FIXED
1097 AWTGLReadBufferUtil.readPixelsToBufferedImage() causes exception on SWT 2 UNCONFIRMED
1101 Memory leak on TextRenderer 2.4.0 RESOLVED FIXED
1102 Allow ScalableSurface.setSurfaceScale(..) of GLJPanel to happen in-between addNotify() and 1st display/initialization 2.3.0 RESOLVED FIXED
1103 UnsatisfiedLinkError caused by Process.exitValue() from testDirExec() returning 1 2.3.0 RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1104 GLMediaPlayer not compatible with FFMPEG/LibAv 2.4.x 2 RESOLVED FIXED
1105 javax.media.opengl.GLException: AWT-EventQueue-0: WindowsWGLContex.createContextImpl ctx !ARB but ARB is used, profile > GL2 requested (OpenGL >= 3.0.1). Requested: GLProfile[GL4bc/GL4bc.hw], current: 1.1 2.3.1 RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1107 Refine PixelFormat, GLPixelBuffer and DirectDataBufferInt/BufferedImageInt 2.3.0 RESOLVED FIXED
1110 Missing native function on jogl_mobile.dll 2.3.0 RESOLVED FIXED
1113 Force high performance GPU for Nvidia Optimus systems 2.3.2 RESOLVED INVALID
1114 Large usage of VBO's results in low native memory and JOGL using a null pointer crashing the VM 2.3.1 RESOLVED INVALID
1115 SRGB implementation tbd UNCONFIRMED
1116 Add OculusVR DK2 Support 2.3.2 RESOLVED FIXED
1119 GL* Efficiency: Keep ProcAddressTable instance within GL* instances 2.3.0 RESOLVED FIXED
1120 Refine HiDPI Support 2.3.0 RESOLVED FIXED
1121 Wandboard IMX-6 not supported 2.4.0 RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1128 javax.media.opengl.GLException: Intialization of GL renderer strings failed 2 UNCONFIRMED
1131 Some TTF fonts not working in the new Graph API renderer tbd UNCONFIRMED
1132 OTF fonts can't be loaded in Graph API renderer tbd UNCONFIRMED
1133 Some TTF fonts producing squares instead of characters tbd UNCONFIRMED
1135 Support EGL 1.5 , ES 3.1 and GL 4.5 (Update to latest version) 2.3.0 RESOLVED FIXED
1137 Add Support for Vulkan (group) tbd CONFIRMED
1138 Common Subset of OpenCL >= 2.1 / Vulkan Command API (Queue, Buffer) and Context tbd UNCONFIRMED
1139 Generalize high-level API GLContext, GLDrawable, GLAutoDrawable for Vulkan and OpenGL tbd UNCONFIRMED
1140 Add Support for SPIR-V >= 2.0 (group) tbd UNCONFIRMED
1146 Swing Tool Tip Causes Incorrect GLContext 2.3.2 RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1150 Fix GLContextImpl.createImpl(..) NoARBCreateContext and '!ARB GL >= 3.1' issues 2.3.2 RESOLVED FIXED
1151 Add OculusVR SDK 0.5.* Support 2.3.2 RESOLVED FIXED
1152 StereoDevice: Add HSW Display (Health and Safety Warning) at least in combination w/ OculusVR tbd UNCONFIRMED
1154 Make compilation of JOGLNewtApplet3Run VersionApplet3 optional if plugin3-public.jar is missing 2.3.2 RESOLVED FIXED
1155 Bindless vertices rendering 2.3.2 RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1156 Newt EGL/GBM (KMS) driver 2.4.1 IN_PROGRESS
1157 AWTTextureIO does not create a Texture from a device-compatible BufferedImage 2.3.2 RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1158 WindowsGLContecxt.createimpl returns wrong Profile (1.1) after several iteration 2.3.2 RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1160 Context sharing between offscreen drawable and external GL context results in "createImpl ctx !ARB but ARB is used" 2.3.2 RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1161 Canvas resize stops the rendering in Mac OS X 2.3.2 RESOLVED FIXED
1162 Using TextRegionUtil (RegionRenderer and RenderState) with user GL code tbd UNCONFIRMED
1167 Heavy performance issue 2.4.0 RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1169 ScreenResSelector doesn't use the right mean of detecting multi bit depth 2.4.0 RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1170 Removal Of GTK_WIDGET_WINDOW In SWT 4.5 Causes A JOGL Runtime Error 2.3.2 RESOLVED FIXED
1173 GLMediaPlayer: EOS not reported for FFMPEG video 2.4.0 CONFIRMED
1175 gamma.reresetDisplayGamma() 2.4.0 RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1179 Provide fallback OpenGL ES 2 & 3 implementation using lib ANGLE on Windows tbd UNCONFIRMED
1181 JOGL WebStart Applications using GLCanvas/AWT may Deadlock by two AWT-EDT on Java >= 1.8.0_45 2.3.2 RESOLVED FIXED
1182 AWT Toolkit disableBackgroundErase() ineffective since Java 7, flickering visible at resize of GLCanvas 2.3.2 RESOLVED INVALID
1184 JOGL AWT Canvas Components don't update AWTGraphicsConfiguration when reconfigured. 2.3.2 RESOLVED FIXED
1185 jvm crashes in [libc.so.6+0x31334] getenv+0xc4 on armv6hf w/ NEWT 2.3.2 RESOLVED INVALID
1189 Add OpenGL ES 3.2 and new GL 4.5 Extensions support 2.3.2 VERIFIED FIXED
1193 com.jogamp.opengl.util.glsl.ShaderCode doesn't support compute shaders 2.3.2 RESOLVED FIXED
1197 Texture and image API revamping tbd UNCONFIRMED
1198 Problem with java 8 + gnome + JOGL + dual screen 2.3.2 RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1200 JOGL crashes on Debian8 GNU/Linux x86_64 'NVidia beta driver 355.06' @ probeSurfacelessCtx 2.3.2 RESOLVED FIXED
1202 Add support of Adaptive Vsync via [GLX|WGL]_EXT_swap_control_tear 2.3.2 RESOLVED FIXED
1203 Fix EGL Backend (EGLDrawableFactory) for general Desktop OpenGL Context 2.3.2 RESOLVED FIXED
1204 Crash on Windows w/ Intel Driver Version or 9.18.xx while destroying offscreen FBO GLAutoDrawable 2.3.2 RESOLVED INVALID
1206 Security: Clear exposed framebuffer after creation and before visibility 2.3.2 RESOLVED FIXED
1207 GLDebugMessageHandler: Support GL_KHR_debug for Desktop and ES profile 2.3.2 RESOLVED FIXED
1215 Add ability to create multiple shared dummy AutoDrawable in GLDrawableFactory 2.3.2 RESOLVED INVALID
1216 GLMediaPlayer: MP3 Playback Issues (duration and EOS) 2.4.0 CONFIRMED
1217 SIGSEGV in glXMakeCurrentReadSGI during NativeWindowFactory_ShutdownHook seen on Asus EEEPC 700 "the first netbook" tbd UNCONFIRMED
1218 NPOT textures don't work 2.3.2 VERIFIED INVALID
1220 glTexSubImage3D interprets the z index as third dimension although a 2d array texture has been provided 2.3.2 RESOLVED INVALID
1225 Nothing is drawn after AWT-Eventqueue thread is interrupted. 2.3.2 RESOLVED FIXED
1226 GLPixelBuffer.GLPixelAttributes.getPixelFormat() doesn't handle glDataType GL_UNSIGNED_INT_8_8_8_8_REV 2.3.2 RESOLVED FIXED
1228 Allow setting other glBlendFunc in GLRegion renderer tbd UNCONFIRMED
1229 Some TextRenderer tests not giving expected results tbd UNCONFIRMED
1230 Two-pass TextRenderer doesn't work if culling is enabled tbd UNCONFIRMED
1233 Add missing range- and pbo-bound checks on glTexture[Sub]Image[123]D* 2.3.2 RESOLVED FIXED
1234 GLReadBufferUtil.readPixelsImpl(..) not using [xy] offset in readTexture.updateSubImage(..) 2.3.2 RESOLVED FIXED
1239 GLMediaPlayer cannot open camera on OSX 2.3.2 RESOLVED FIXED
1241 Util's Texture.coords (image coordinates) not updated properly 2.3.2 RESOLVED FIXED
1242 Fix 'Texture.updateImage(...)' API and Implementation 2.5.0 CONFIRMED
1244 MovieSimple: String format %d implicit conversion from boolean to int fails using OpenJDK 1.8 2.3.2 RESOLVED FIXED
1245 glXCreateContextAttribsARB crashes w/ Java3D on JTabbedPane (OpenSUSE 13.2, Mesa 10.3.7, Intel Haswell Desktop) 2.3.2 RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1254 MonitorDevice.getViewportInWindowUnits().getHeight() returns the display's width on Broadcom VC IV 2.4.0 RESOLVED FIXED
1255 Newt canvas in Miglayout fail to resize OR occupy complete JFrame instead of its target layout cell 2.5.0 IN_PROGRESS
1259 NativeWindowException on attempting to destroy a drawable with a current context tbd UNCONFIRMED
1260 Allow the change of MAXIMUM_VIDEO_ASYNC of GLMediaPlayer 2.5.0 CONFIRMED
1261 Allow changing of texture sampler type for multisampled FBO tbd UNCONFIRMED
1262 Allow multi-pass font rendering to choose FBO to render to tbd UNCONFIRMED
1263 glDrawElements missing a Buffer param in GL.java tbd UNCONFIRMED
1264 Methods to access (read, write) to pixels in TextureData tbd UNCONFIRMED
1265 Segmentation fault using fglrx on Ubuntu 15.10 tbd UNCONFIRMED
1266 Per canvas GLSL vertical flip skip method tbd UNCONFIRMED
1272 Two-pass TextRenderer color changing during runtime doesn't work if glyph caching is enabled tbd UNCONFIRMED
1275 Jogl-2.3.2 - FreeBSD - Building from source : swt.jar version mismatch tbd UNCONFIRMED
1277 GLCanvas content draws in wrong position when canvas moves after JFrame containing it is setVisible(true) on EDT tbd UNCONFIRMED
1278 Windows 10 returns software Profile 2.4.0 RESOLVED WONTFIX
1279 rgb10a2u texture unsupported tbd UNCONFIRMED
1282 "'gl_FragColor' : undeclared identifier" thrown during fragment shader compilation with GL2ES2 2.4.0 RESOLVED INVALID
1283 Jogl can't find #include shader relative files 2.4.0 RESOLVED FIXED
1284 glGetVertexAttribPointerv is missing tbd UNCONFIRMED
1285 REGRESSION in v2.3.2 - AWT GLCanvas freezes after screen change 2.4.0 RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1286 Multiple GLMediaPlayers init stream deadlock 2.4.0 CONFIRMED
1287 Immutable glNamedBufferStorage support tbd UNCONFIRMED
1288 GL_PARAMETER_BUFFER_ARB is perceived as invalid binding target 2.4.0 RESOLVED FIXED
1289 Glsl compiler bug on interpolateAtSample 2.4.0 RESOLVED INVALID
1290 Raspberry Pi Raspbian now ship with two incompatible implementations of OpenGL ES 2.4.0 RESOLVED FIXED
1291 params of glGetQueryObjectuiv has to be interpreted as an offset in case GL_QUERY_BUFFER is bound tbd UNCONFIRMED
1292 Implementing GL_NV_sample_locations tbd UNCONFIRMED
1294 Show all information on the default graphics device in JoglVersion 2.4.0 RESOLVED FIXED
1297 Native crash while destroying GLMediaPlayer 2.4.0 CONFIRMED
1298 regression: Canvas in CardLayout always visible after showing once 2.5.0 UNCONFIRMED
1301 OpenGL profile init takes up to one minute ( win 10 + nvidia 7xx ) 2.4.0 RESOLVED INVALID
1304 Android Marshmallow 6.0 jogamp.opengl.es3.GLES3Impl.dispatch_glGetUniformIndices1 throws a fatal error tbd UNCONFIRMED
1305 GLCanvas failed to initialize GL3(bc), GL4(bc) in SWING JFrame. GLJPanel succeed. 2.4.0 IN_PROGRESS
1306 Medium-weight tooltips are painted behind the GLCanvas 2.4.0 RESOLVED FIXED
1307 GLCanvas is always drawn on top when using a JTabbedPane 2.4.0 RESOLVED FIXED
1310 Removing and re-adding a GLJPanel results in small image being rendered 2.5.0 UNCONFIRMED
1312 GLContextShareSet memory leak when repeatedly creating and removing GLDrawables 2.4.0 IN_PROGRESS
1313 IOUtil.testDirExec taking 30 seconds to execute or timeout (Windows 10) tbd UNCONFIRMED
1315 Broadcom VC IV overlay when windowed does not take HDMI overscan setting into account 2.4.0 RESOLVED FIXED
1321 JPEG encoder tbd UNCONFIRMED
1322 JOGL sets pixel scale to 2 for GLJPanel not on Retina display 2.5.0 CONFIRMED
1323 Enhance the math utilities to support more operations on vectors, matrices and quaternions tbd UNCONFIRMED
1324 GLCanvas is always on top when using JInternalFrame 2.5.0 UNCONFIRMED
1347 Mapped GLProfile's (e.g. GL2ES2, GL2ES1) select software renderer GL2 instead of hardware renderer GLES1 & GLES2 2.5.0 CONFIRMED
1350 CGSUpdateManager warning during createContext on OS X 10.11.6 2.4.0 RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1352 Identify if the pressed CTRL button was the right or left tbd UNCONFIRMED
1353 java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError for gluegen-rt.dll due to localized tempdir name 2.4.0 RESOLVED FIXED
1354 Parametrize the usage of glGetError() tbd UNCONFIRMED
1355 buggy text rendering in GPUTextNewtDemo tbd UNCONFIRMED
1356 "Future proof" ffmpeg libraries loading prevents using legit libraries 2.4.0 CONFIRMED
1357 Support Mesa 18.2.2 (java.lang.InternalError: profile[1]: GL3bc -> profileImpl GL4bc not mapped) 2.4.0 RESOLVED FIXED
1358 Incorrect OpenGL surface size on SWT GLCanvas with High-DPI scaling enabled 2.4.0 RESOLVED FIXED
1359 TextRenderer glyphs sometimes become garbled because LevelSet.compactAndAdd doesn't tell GlyphCache to update texcoords tbd UNCONFIRMED
1360 TextRenderer doesn't flush drawn text to GPU when backing texture fills up, ends up drawing incorrect text later tbd UNCONFIRMED
1362 NewtCanvasSWT doesn't work with GTK 3 2.4.0 RESOLVED FIXED
1372 Pass unit tests on OSX 10.14.3 (Mojave) 2.4.0 RESOLVED FIXED
1374 Support High-DPI for JRE>8 AWT on Windows, MacOSX and Linux tbd CONFIRMED
1379 NewtCanvasAWT in JSplitPane on macOS 2.4.0 CONFIRMED
1380 Dynamic loading of "OpenGL32.dll" fails on Citrix VDI 2.4.0 UNCONFIRMED
1381 GLReadBufferUtil/AWTReadBufferUtil: 'hasAlpha' usage is not functional 2.4.2 RESOLVED FIXED
1382 GNU/Linux AMD/Mesa Regression 2.4.0 RESOLVED INVALID
1383 GLProfile fails to select default core profiles when no compat profiles are available. 2.4.0 RESOLVED FIXED
1384 Allow GLRendererQuirks to be overridden by user properties 2.4.0 RESOLVED FIXED
1385 Limit Quirk GL3CompatNonCompliant to Mesa < 18.2.0 2.4.0 RESOLVED FIXED
1386 Mesa 18.3.6 hardware renderer (Intel/AMD) freezes after native parenting 2.4.0 IN_PROGRESS
1388 JOGL: Add iOS Support for at least Aarch64 + x86_64 (Simulation) 2.4.0 IN_PROGRESS
1389 MacOS 10.14.6 + OpenJDK11U SIGSEGV on [NSApplicationAWT sendEvent:] 2.4.0 RESOLVED FIXED
1390 GLPixelBuffer.GLPixelAttributes::convert(GL, int, boolean) failed on unsupported GL data format/type 2.4.0 RESOLVED FIXED
1391 Add GLRendererQuirks.DontChooseFBConfigBestMatch avoiding ChooseFBConfig's BestMatch 2.4.0 RESOLVED FIXED
1392 Mesa >= 18: glXChooseFBConfig's BestMatch with 10bit Color-Comps fails on glXCreatePbuffer and glXCreateGLXPixmap 2.4.0 RESOLVED FIXED

955 Total; 108 Open (11.31%); 402 Resolved (42.09%); 445 Verified (46.6%);