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* [{{SERVER}}/jogl/doc/HowToBuild.html How To Build JOGL]
* [{{SERVER}}/jogl/doc/HowToBuild.html How To Build JOGL]
* [{{SERVER}}/jocl/doc/HowToBuild.html How To Build JOCL]
* [{{SERVER}}/jocl/doc/HowToBuild.html How To Build JOCL]
* [[Building JOGL on the command line|Building JOGL on the command line]]
* [[Building JOGL in Eclipse|Building JOGL in Eclipse]]
* [[Building JOGL in Eclipse|Building JOGL in Eclipse]]

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Our modules have been migrated to git, thanks to the great git toolchain.
In the past we were using a centralized repository only, SVN, and you really needed access to a central repository.

Chose a media to offer your branch to the module maintainer. This may be via

Surely it's most easy for us to access your git repository via the git protocol you may host on a free git server like [github].

Just create a branch of your own and make it available, then you may ask the module maintainer to pull, review and merge your branch.
Collaboration using a distributed SCM is easy.


  • fork a SCM repository
  • do with it as you please while obeying the modules license and the law.
  • tell us about the earth shaking improvements you made via the mailinglists/forum and contact the module maintainer
  • if everything works fine we will probably integrate it soon, if
    • you include a a junit test reflecting your changes / feature
    • you comply with the module's license and contribute under it's terms
    • we can somehow verify your identity, at least you use your full name in your git commits

To actually build the beast, please refer to the following manuals:

Git References