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10 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
1277 Jogl awt sgothel UNCO --- GLCanvas content draws in wrong position when canvas moves after JFrame containing it is setVisible(true) on EDT 2016-05-17
1285 Jogl awt sgothel UNCO --- REGRESSION in v2.3.2 - AWT GLCanvas freezes after screen change 2016-01-15
1307 Jogl awt sgothel UNCO --- GLCanvas is always drawn on top when using a JTabbedPane 2016-05-17
1310 Jogl awt sgothel UNCO --- Removing and re-adding a GLJPanel results in small image being rendered 2016-07-06
1169 Jogl awt gouessej UNCO --- ScreenResSelector doesn't use the right mean of detecting multi bit depth 2015-10-09
1266 Jogl awt sgothel UNCO --- Per canvas GLSL vertical flip skip method 2017-01-17
712 Jogl awt pjgl UNCO --- Using GLCanvas and the SWT_AWT bridge reveals a JavaEmbeddedFrame when ran with Java 7 2014-02-10
823 Jogl awt sgothel UNCO --- AWTTextureIO does not properly interpret a BufferedImage created with BufferedImage.getSubImage() 2013-09-29
788 Jogl awt sgothel CONF --- Add Better ability to control AWT focus when using NewtCanvasAWT 2013-08-03
953 Jogl awt gouessej IN_P --- Allow the creation of a BufferedImage from a TextureData 2017-01-17
10 bugs found.


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