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15 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
686 Jogl util sgothel UNCO --- Add libav native Libraries for GLMediaPlayer fallback w/ patent free Codecs like WebM 2015-09-27
1260 Jogl util sgothel UNCO --- Allow the change of MAXIMUM_VIDEO_ASYNC of GLMediaPlayer 2015-10-31
1286 Jogl util sgothel UNCO --- Multiple GLMediaPlayers init stream deadlock 2016-01-20
1297 Jogl util sgothel UNCO --- Native crash while destroying GLMediaPlayer 2016-04-06
1313 Jogl util sgothel UNCO --- IOUtil.testDirExec taking 30 seconds to execute or timeout (Windows 10) 2016-07-08
1321 Jogl util sgothel UNCO --- JPEG encoder 2016-07-26
1352 Jogl util sgothel UNCO --- Identify if the pressed CTRL button was the right or left 2017-03-18
1353 Jogl util sgothel UNCO --- java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError for gluegen-rt.dll due to localized tempdir name 2017-04-20
1264 Jogl util gouessej UNCO --- Methods to access (read, write) to pixels in TextureData 2017-01-17
811 Jogl util sgothel UNCO --- The legacy text renderer doesn't support GL3 2017-01-17
1197 Jogl util sgothel UNCO --- Texture and image API revamping 2017-01-17
1152 Jogl util sgothel UNCO --- StereoDevice: Add HSW Display (Health and Safety Warning) at least in combination w/ OculusVR 2015-10-05
421 Jogl util sgothel CONF --- DDSImage methode getDepth is wrong 2015-09-27
310 Jogl util sgothel CONF --- Enhance TextureWriter to support decompression 2015-09-27
1242 Jogl util sgothel CONF --- Fix 'Texture.updateImage(...)' API and Implementation 2015-10-19
15 bugs found.


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