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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
1364 Newt javafx sgothel IN_P --- Add JavaFX Support for NEWT utilizing native Window parenting via NewtCanvasJFX 2019-03-28
535 Jogl core gouessej RESO INVA Provide Java Web Start demos and tests for those currently runnable only as applets 2017-01-17
1339 Java3D core harvey.harrison RESO FIXE Support for Vertex Attributes in GeometryInfo 2019-03-29
1327 Java3D core philjord RESO FIXE Add a GL2ES2 pipeline to Java3D 2019-03-29
1333 Java3D core philjord RESO FIXE Warning notice in cases where Jogl bug 1278 is in effect 2019-03-29
1337 Java3D core philjord RESO FIXE VersionInfo defaults isDevPhase to true, which outputs onto err 2019-03-29
1246 Gluegen core sgothel RESO FIXE gluegen: please add support for Linux ppc64le 2019-03-30
1267 Newt macosx sgothel RESO FIXE OSX El Capitan: Animated NEWT GLWindow flickers at resize 2019-03-27
1268 Gluegen core sgothel RESO FIXE DynamicLibraryBundleInfo: Add NativeLibrary's 'searchSystemPath' and 'searchSystemPathFirst' attributes 2015-11-15
1271 Gluegen core sgothel RESO WONT Load the native libraries from the memory instead of using temporary files 2019-03-29
1273 Gluegen core sgothel RESO DUPL gluegen: fix aarch64 definitions to get them buildable under Fedora 2019-03-26
1282 Jogl awt sgothel RESO INVA "'gl_FragColor' : undeclared identifier" thrown during fragment shader compilation with GL2ES2 2019-03-29
1288 Jogl opengl sgothel RESO FIXE GL_PARAMETER_BUFFER_ARB is perceived as invalid binding target 2019-03-26
1315 Jogl embedded sgothel RESO FIXE Broadcom VC IV overlay when windowed does not take HDMI overscan setting into account 2019-03-27
1367 Gluegen core sgothel RESO FIXE TempFileCache & TempJarCache shall operate even if temp folder can't handle executables 2019-04-03
1369 Gluegen core sgothel RESO FIXE SCC: Implement basic Secure Hash (SHA256) build time signatures & runtime validation 2019-04-03
1375 Joal core sgothel RESO FIXE Bump openal-soft to Release 1.19.1 2019-04-08
1269 Joal core xerxes RESO FIXE Bump openal-soft to Release 1.17.0 2015-11-15
1295 General builds xerxes RESO FIXE Add linux-aarch64 GNU/Linux AArch64 support 2019-03-27
1159 Newt core gouessej RESO INVA AWT-free alternative to java.awt.Desktop.browse(URI) 2019-03-27
1090 Java3D core gouessej RESO FIXE Publish the Java documentation of Java 3D 1.6.0 2019-03-27
1235 General builds sgothel RESO INVA Statically link Linux natives against musl-libc for deployment on all Linux 2.6 and later systems 2019-03-29
1236 General builds sgothel RESO INVA SIGFPE during System.load of linux-i586/ seen on Asus EEEPC 900 using libc-2.3.6 2019-03-29
1075 Jocl opencl wwalker3 RESO FIXE Add support for OpenCL 1.2 and 2.0 2019-03-27
1348 Newt x11 sgothel VERI FIXE Add X11 Touch Event Support to Generate NEWT Mouse/Pointer Events 2019-03-28
25 bugs found.