Bug 394

Summary: Fix MacOsX Platform ..
Product: [JogAmp] Gluegen Reporter: Sven Gothel <sgothel>
Component: coreAssignee: Sven Gothel <sgothel>
Severity: critical    
Priority: P1    
Version: 2   
Hardware: All   
OS: macosx   
Type: --- SCM Refs:
7cc4bb2a8bcc4c16b6a12826abbd874bf38f9dc1 f8cbd63d360a8d138a82d31bb53e65485ae64b42
Workaround: ---

Description Sven Gothel 2010-04-07 14:52:52 CEST
Currently the MacOsX platform doesn't pass the build and the junit tests.
Comment 1 Sven Gothel 2010-04-07 14:54:10 CEST
On the new 10.6.3 Snow Leopard .. the 
  <LinkerArg value="-arch x86_64"/>
  .. etc
doesn't work anymore ..
Comment 2 Sven Gothel 2010-04-07 20:43:15 CEST
    Fix MacOsX platform:
    The commit of cpptasks.jar, 
    git hash 129e783741d91e9ee5cd7da5d5c962c32ec96b0b,
    broke the universal binary build on MacOSX.
    The above change used cpptasks-1.05b 
    with a few patches in regards to crosscompilation,
    but missed one, which accepts the '-arch' argument for GccLinker undecorated.
    The new cpptasks.jar is vanilla 1.05b + cpptasks-1.0b5-darwin-patch.diff,
    the latter a more refined one.
    This version accepts the '-arch' argument undecorated on the darwin platform.
Comment 3 Sven Gothel 2010-04-07 22:12:14 CEST
        - Fix missing refactoring in src/newt/native/MacWindow.m
        - Adding missing NSWindowDelegate protocol to NewtMacWindow
          as mandatory since 10.3.6