Bug 987

Summary: 7z and sed invocations fail on Windows systems with spaces in pathname
Product: [JogAmp] Gluegen Reporter: Wade Walker <wwalker3>
Component: coreAssignee: Wade Walker <wwalker3>
Severity: minor    
Priority: ---    
Version: 2   
Hardware: All   
OS: windows   
Type: --- SCM Refs:
d1250ba34ab3015a2fbb3a9e71b444d7e4d0050d c9b209bc850bda0c076d89ccf72a18248bb0a20b 2d94feea41d648fccaa96090e08e754a31aa1b14
Workaround: ---

Description Wade Walker 2014-03-01 21:57:40 CET
Gluegen's build process invokes 7z and sed in a way that fails if the source pathname contains spaces. I've got a patch for this, will submit it shortly.
Comment 1 Wade Walker 2014-03-01 22:15:11 CET
Pull request created at https://github.com/sgothel/gluegen/pull/17
Comment 2 Wade Walker 2014-03-01 22:37:39 CET
Pull request is now https://github.com/sgothel/gluegen/pull/18. Last time I didn't get the rebasing correct somehow.