Bug 1052 - Wrong GLProfile mapping: GL4ES3 -> GL3, allowed are only [GL4bc, GL4 and GLES3]
Summary: Wrong GLProfile mapping: GL4ES3 -> GL3, allowed are only [GL4bc, GL4 and GLES3]
Alias: None
Product: Jogl
Classification: JogAmp
Component: opengl (show other bugs)
Version: 2
Hardware: All all
: --- enhancement
Assignee: Sven Gothel
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Reported: 2014-08-24 23:40 CEST by Xerxes Rånby
Modified: 2014-09-02 02:23 CEST (History)
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79ac86efa3f0b114ce456e7f2a8ef341932fd17c 278a884e459b1180a947ff24edecdef1a7fc6cb7
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GL4ES3bug.java (1.68 KB, text/x-java)
2014-08-24 23:40 CEST, Xerxes Rånby
Runtime Version Check test.log (119.71 KB, text/x-log)
2014-08-24 23:41 CEST, Xerxes Rånby
Runtime Debug Logs test_dbg.log (952.63 KB, text/x-log)
2014-08-24 23:42 CEST, Xerxes Rånby

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Description Xerxes Rånby 2014-08-24 23:40:31 CEST
Created attachment 624 [details]

OS: Ubuntu 14.04 x64
Driver: Mesa 10.1.3
lspci -> GPU:
04:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation G86 [GeForce 8500 GT] (rev a1)

The bug can be triggered using the GL4ES3bug.java testcase
by requesting a GL4ES3 profile.
final GLProfile glp = GLProfile.get(GLProfile.GL4ES3);

javac -cp ./jogamp-all-platforms/jar/gluegen-rt.jar:./jogamp-all-platforms/jar/jogl-all.jar:. GL4ES3bug.java
java -Djogl.debug.DebugGL -Djogl.debug.TraceGL -cp ./jogamp-all-platforms/jar/gluegen-rt.jar:./jogamp-all-platforms/jar/jogl-all.jar:. GL4ES3bug

glGetString(<int> 0x1F02) = OpenGL ES 3.0 Mesa 10.1.3
Caught GLException: Not a GL4ES3 implementation
Caused by: javax.media.opengl.GLException: Not a GL4ES3 implementation
	at javax.media.opengl.TraceGL4bc.getGL4ES3(TraceGL4bc.java:143)
	at TextRendering.init(TextRendering.java:34)

The bug is _not_ triggered if the user request GLES3 instead of GL4ES3.
final GLProfile glp = GLProfile.get(GLProfile.GLES3);
Comment 1 Xerxes Rånby 2014-08-24 23:41:32 CEST
Created attachment 625 [details]
Runtime Version Check test.log

Add Runtime Version Check test.log
Comment 2 Xerxes Rånby 2014-08-24 23:42:19 CEST
Created attachment 626 [details]
Runtime Debug Logs test_dbg.log

Add Runtime Debug Logs test_dbg.log
Comment 3 Xerxes Rånby 2014-08-25 00:44:54 CEST
As seen in the runtime version check and debug log:

The Mapping of GL4ES3 using these drivers tries to use GL3.hw instead of GLES3.hw!
GL4ES3 	GLProfile[GL4ES3/GL3.hw]
Comment 4 Sven Gothel 2014-08-30 12:11:41 CEST
Your test code is incomplete, TextRendering is missing!

It would be better to demonstrate a wrong context/profile logic
with a most small test code.

Further more, it would be great if you (and everybody) could just offer
the test code via git, so I can pull it :)

However, I will try to analyze the wrong mapping ..
Comment 5 Sven Gothel 2014-08-30 12:13:20 CEST
Official unit test to test profile/context mappings:
Comment 6 Sven Gothel 2014-09-02 02:07:35 CEST

Test enhancements triggering issue 'Bug 1052 - OpenGL ES 3.0 Mesa 10.1.3 Caught GLException: Not a GL4ES3 implementation'
 - TestGLProfile01NEWT: Complete GLProfile and GL-object and GLContext validation
 - On OpenGL ES 3.0 Mesa 10.1.4 it produces:
    javax.media.opengl.GLException: GL4ES3 is neither GL4bc, GL4 nor GLES3
   at com.jogamp.opengl.test.junit.jogl.acore.TestGLProfile01NEWT.validateGLProfileGL4ES3(TestGLProfile01NEWT.java:531)
   at com.jogamp.opengl.test.junit.jogl.acore.TestGLProfile01NEWT.validateOffline(TestGLProfile01NEWT.java:708)
        at com.jogamp.opengl.test.junit.jogl.acore.TestGLProfile01NEWT.test06GLProfileGL4ES3(TestGLProfile01NEWT.java:948)
i.e. wrong mapping of request GL4ES3 -> GL3
Comment 7 Sven Gothel 2014-09-02 02:22:02 CEST
 - TestGLProfile01NEWT: Allow ctx.isGLES3Compatible() and hence GL4ES3 on GL3bc and GL3
 - GLProfile: Remove GL4ES3 mapping using GL3bc and GL3, only GL4bc, GL4 and GLES3 are allowed in static mapping.


@Xerxes: Thx for finding this one.