Bug 503 - JOGL2 is falling back to MS driver
Summary: JOGL2 is falling back to MS driver
Alias: None
Product: Jogl
Classification: JogAmp
Component: core (show other bugs)
Version: 2
Hardware: pc_all windows
: --- major
Assignee: Sven Gothel
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Reported: 2011-07-10 14:31 CEST by Mark McKay
Modified: 2011-12-02 08:04 CET (History)
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Description Mark McKay 2011-07-10 14:31:48 CEST
I have a laptop that supports OpenGL 2.1.7.  However, when I attempt to run a JOGL2 application on it, JOGL falls back to the MS software OpenGL 1.1.0 driver.  This is a regression from JOGL 1.1.1, which was able to find the correct driver.  

All drivers are up to date.  The issue is discussed at length in this thread, along with lots of data from tests with the JOGL debug flags on:

Comment 1 Sven Gothel 2011-07-23 03:57:11 CEST
Checking your logs at:

It seems at both occasions in WindowsWGLGraphicsConfiguration
the invocation of 
  sharedResource.getContext().getWGLExt().wglGetPixelFormatAttribivARB(hdc, pfdID, 0, 
                                 niattribs, iattributes, 0, iresults, 0))

fails at least at:
   - wglARBPFID2GLCapabilities(..)
   - wglARBPFIDs2GLCapabilitiesImpl
, i.e. returns false.

WGLExt.wglGetPixelFormatAttribivARB(..) is part of the ARB extension WGL_ARB_pixel_format,
which is being supported, as our query claims.
However, the call results in a 'false' return value.

You see this in the exception, as well as in all the following messages:
  wglARBPFIDs2GLCapabilities: Cannot get pixel format attributes for pixel format 43/77: 44, WINDOW, BITMAP, PBUFFER

PFD ID is 44 here, which is the same as in your exception, the chosen one.

It has been seen on some 'faulty' drivers on Windows, that a function may succeeded. 
However, w/o access to your hardware/software I cannot fix this issue.

I like to ask you to try your test again after we have merged our current branch wip_mobile
to master, since we have fixed some size/alignment issues in GlueGen. Just a hunch ..

Sorry ..
Comment 2 Mark McKay 2011-07-23 08:15:29 CEST
Well, it is a laptop, so it's not currently configured as an SVN server.  What exactly would you have to do?

When do you expect the merged branch to come out?  Will there be a compiled binary I can just download?
Comment 3 Sven Gothel 2011-07-24 05:33:24 CEST
- Within next week we will merge to master.

- To allow me access to your machine, you would need to allow me access to 
your ssh-server (sshd). On Windows, this is usually being accomplished by installing

You can have a look into the following docs, which may help

Please follow the 'as user' (not as service) setup path.

You may ignore or skip some of the details, probably need to adapt a few of them 
for your OS.

Hope this will help ..

My public key for ssh is:

ssh-rsa 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 sgothel@jausoft.com
Comment 4 Sven Gothel 2011-07-24 05:35:08 CEST
Sorry .. I was too much in a hurry ..

Pls add my other key as well

ssh-rsa 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 sven@phalanx
Comment 5 Mark McKay 2011-07-26 01:57:36 CEST
I've spent several hours trying to figure out how to configure sshd and my router, but seem to be unable to actually get it working.   Is there some other way you could examine my machine?  Maybe if I ran some sort of client program?
Comment 6 Mark McKay 2011-07-26 03:39:51 CEST
sshd appears to be working properly, and I can even connect to it on my LAN.  However, any attempt to connect over the internet times out.  

My smcd3gn router will not allow me to port forward 22, so I'm forwarding port 1022 and aliasing it to 22 on my private network  I'm trying to connect with

ssh -p 1022

I've also added an exception for port 22 to my Windows Firewall.  Still, nothing gets through.  If you have any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong, please let me know.
Comment 7 Sven Gothel 2011-10-10 09:00:08 CEST
any developments ?
Comment 8 Mark McKay 2011-10-11 18:47:25 CEST
I've made several attempts to try to set up sshd on my PC, but having no success.  I don't know enough about configuring routers to be able to connect to it from an outside machine.  

Isn't there some client program I could run on my machine that will allow you to connect in?  Or a web service like http://vyew.com?  Since it's a laptop, I'd need to be able to turn it on specially for you to look at it anyhow.  Would you like to make an appointment for a time you can inspect the machine?
Comment 9 Mark McKay 2011-11-20 20:33:43 CET
I've run against the latest release of JOGL, and things seem to be working now.  Thanks.
Comment 10 Sven Gothel 2011-11-21 03:45:28 CET
We don't know which change actually fixed this issue, however .. mark it FIXED for now.