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Build #961 (May 23, 2023, 2:28:09 AM)

  1. AudioSink: Enhance description re 'AudioFrame' and 'frameDuration' also using enqueueData() -> 1 AudioFrame (details / cgit)
  2. AudioSink: Add getAvgFrameDuration(); API-Doc: Default*: 'frame' -> AudioFrame; init(): Use getAvgFrameDuration() for queue growth and limit. (details / cgit)
  3. AudioFormat/AudioSink: Use float in seconds for duration to avoid losing precision when dealing with stats, averages etc (details / cgit)
  4. AudioSink: Refine context locking where supported, have a more usable universal API interface (details / cgit)
  5. AudioSink: Drop getMaxSupportedChannels(), use getNativeFormat(), getPreferredFormat() and isSupported(); Add setChannelLimit() impacting (details / cgit)

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