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Console Output

Started by user Sven Gothel
Running as SYSTEM
Building on master in workspace /srv/jenkins/jobs/jogl/workspace
No credentials specified
 > git rev-parse --is-inside-work-tree # timeout=10
Fetching changes from the remote Git repository
 > git config remote.origin.url git:// # timeout=10
Fetching upstream changes from git://
 > git --version # timeout=10
 > git fetch --tags --progress git:// +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/*
 > git rev-parse origin/master^{commit} # timeout=10
Checking out Revision ab10b11a9c94d9597f788e218fe45ede49c67f33 (origin/master)
 > git config core.sparsecheckout # timeout=10
 > git checkout -f ab10b11a9c94d9597f788e218fe45ede49c67f33
Commit message: "Bug 1362: Wrong 'fake' swt.jar config for isLinuxARM64, isLinuxARMv6 and isAndroid"
 > git rev-list --no-walk 347271ffdd09153a2334fda593774d49050f84e0 # timeout=10
 > git remote # timeout=10
 > git submodule init # timeout=10
 > git submodule sync # timeout=10
 > git config --get remote.origin.url # timeout=10
 > git submodule init # timeout=10
 > git config -f .gitmodules --get-regexp ^submodule\.(.+)\.url # timeout=10
 > git config --get submodule.oculusvr-sdk.url # timeout=10
 > git config -f .gitmodules --get submodule.oculusvr-sdk.path # timeout=10
 > git submodule update --init --recursive oculusvr-sdk
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Triggering jogl » android-aarch64
Triggering jogl » linux-armv7hf-img
Triggering jogl » linux-x86_64-amd
Triggering jogl » win7-x86_64-nvida
Triggering jogl » android-armv7-img
Triggering jogl » macosx-10_6-x86_64-nvidia
jogl » android-aarch64 completed with result SUCCESS
jogl » linux-armv7hf-img completed with result SUCCESS
jogl » linux-x86_64-amd completed with result UNSTABLE
jogl » win7-x86_64-nvida completed with result SUCCESS
jogl » android-armv7-img completed with result SUCCESS
jogl » macosx-10_6-x86_64-nvidia completed with result SUCCESS
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Project jogl still waiting for [jogl-demos] builds to complete
Notifying upstream projects of job completion
Triggering a new build of jogl-demos
Finished: UNSTABLE