Class DepthComponentNative

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public class DepthComponentNative
extends DepthComponent

A 2D array of depth (Z) values stored in the most efficient format for a particular device. Values are not accessible by the user and may only be used to read the Z values and subsequently write them back.

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
DepthComponentNative(int width, int height)
          Constructs a new native depth (z-buffer) component object with the specified width and height.
Method Summary
 NodeComponent cloneNodeComponent()
          Creates a new DepthComponentNative object.
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Constructor Detail


public DepthComponentNative(int width,
                            int height)
Constructs a new native depth (z-buffer) component object with the specified width and height.

width - the width of the array of depth values
height - the height of the array of depth values
Method Detail


public NodeComponent cloneNodeComponent()
Creates a new DepthComponentNative object. Called from a Leaf node's duplicateNode method.

cloneNodeComponent in class NodeComponent
a duplicate of the DepthComponentNative object.
See Also:
Node.duplicateNode(, boolean), Node.cloneTree(), NodeComponent.setDuplicateOnCloneTree(boolean)