Class WakeupCriterion

  extended by
      extended by
Direct Known Subclasses:
WakeupOnActivation, WakeupOnAWTEvent, WakeupOnBehaviorPost, WakeupOnCollisionEntry, WakeupOnCollisionExit, WakeupOnCollisionMovement, WakeupOnDeactivation, WakeupOnElapsedFrames, WakeupOnElapsedTime, WakeupOnSensorEntry, WakeupOnSensorExit, WakeupOnTransformChange, WakeupOnViewPlatformEntry, WakeupOnViewPlatformExit

public abstract class WakeupCriterion
extends WakeupCondition

An abstract class specifying a singleton wakeup Criterion. This class consists of several subclasses, each of which specifies one particular wakeup criterion, that criterion's associated arguments (if any), and either a flag that indicates whether this criterion caused a Behavior object to awaken or a return field containing the information that caused the Behavior object to awaken.

Note that a unique WakeupCriterion object must be used with each instance of a Behavior. Sharing wakeup criteria among different instances of a Behavior is illegal. Similarly, a unique WakeupCriterion object must be used for each individual element in the set of arrays used to construct WakeupOr, WakeupAnd, WakeupOrOfAnds, and WakeupAndOfOrs objects.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 boolean hasTriggered()
          Returns true if this criterion triggered the wakeup.
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Constructor Detail


public WakeupCriterion()
Method Detail


public boolean hasTriggered()
Returns true if this criterion triggered the wakeup.

true if this criterion triggered the wakeup.