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Packages that use TransparencyAttributes Provides the core set of classes for the 3D graphics API for the Java platform; click here for more information, including explanatory material that was formerly found in the guide. 

Uses of TransparencyAttributes in

Methods in that return TransparencyAttributes
 TransparencyAttributes TransparencyInterpolator.getTarget()
          This method retrieves this interpolator's target reference.
 TransparencyAttributes Appearance.getTransparencyAttributes()
          Retrieves the current transparencyAttributes object.

Methods in with parameters of type TransparencyAttributes
 void TransparencyInterpolator.setTarget(TransparencyAttributes target)
          This method sets the target TransparencyAttributes object for this interpolator.
 void Appearance.setTransparencyAttributes(TransparencyAttributes transparencyAttributes)
          Sets the transparencyAttributes object to the specified object.

Constructors in with parameters of type TransparencyAttributes
TransparencyInterpolator(Alpha alpha, TransparencyAttributes target)
          Constructs a trivial transparency interpolator with a specified target, a minimum transparency of 0.0f and a maximum transparency of 1.0f.
TransparencyInterpolator(Alpha alpha, TransparencyAttributes target, float minimumTransparency, float maximumTransparency)
          Constructs a new transparency interpolator that varies the target material's transparency between the two transparency values.