Interface NativeBuffer<B extends NativeBuffer>

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    AbstractBuffer, PointerBuffer

    public interface NativeBuffer<B extends NativeBuffer>
    Hardware independent container for various kinds of buffers.
    Sven Gothel, Michael Bien
    • Method Detail

      • elementSize

        int elementSize()
      • limit

        int limit()
      • capacity

        int capacity()
      • position

        int position()
      • position

        B position​(int newPos)
      • remaining

        int remaining()
      • hasRemaining

        boolean hasRemaining()
      • hasArray

        boolean hasArray()
        true if this buffer has a primitive backup array, otherwise false
      • arrayOffset

        int arrayOffset()
        the array offset of the optional primitive backup array of the buffer if hasArray() is true, otherwise 0.
      • getBuffer

        Buffer getBuffer()
      • isDirect

        boolean isDirect()
      • rewind

        B rewind()
      • put

        B put​(int index,
              long value)
      • put

        B put​(long value)
      • put

        B put​(B src)
      • get

        long get()
      • get

        long get​(int idx)