Interface DynamicLibraryBundleInfo

  • public interface DynamicLibraryBundleInfo
    • Field Detail

      • DEBUG

        static final boolean DEBUG
    • Method Detail

      • searchToolLibInSystemPath

        boolean searchToolLibInSystemPath()
        Returns true if tool libraries shall be searched in the system path (default), otherwise false.
      • searchToolLibSystemPathFirst

        boolean searchToolLibSystemPathFirst()
        Returns true if system path shall be searched first (default), rather than searching it last.

        If searchToolLibInSystemPath() is false the return value is ignored.

      • getToolLibNames

        List<List<String>> getToolLibNames()
        If a SecurityManager is installed, user needs link permissions for the named libraries.
        a list of Tool library names or alternative library name lists.
        • GL/GLU example Unix: [ [ "", "", "GL" ], [ "", "GLU" ] ]
        • GL/GLU example Windows: [ "OpenGL32", "GLU32" ]
        • Cg/CgGL example: [ [ "", "Cg" ], [ "", "CgGL" ] ]
      • getGlueLibNames

        List<String> getGlueLibNames()
        If a SecurityManager is installed, user needs link permissions for the named libraries.
        a list of Glue library names.
        • GL: [ "nativewindow_x11", "jogl_gl2es12", "jogl_desktop" ]
        • NEWT: [ "nativewindow_x11", "newt" ]
        • Cg: [ "nativewindow_x11", "jogl_cg" ]

        Only the last entry is crucial, ie all other are optional preload dependencies and may generate errors, which are ignored.
      • getToolGetProcAddressFuncNameList

        List<String> getToolGetProcAddressFuncNameList()
        May return the native libraries
        names, the first found function is being used.
        This could be eg:
         glXGetProcAddressARB, glXGetProcAddressARB 
        If your Tool does not has this facility, just return null.
        See Also:
        toolGetProcAddress(long, String)
      • toolGetProcAddress

        long toolGetProcAddress​(long toolGetProcAddressHandle,
                                String funcName)
        May implement the lookup function using the Tools facility.
        The actual function pointer is provided to allow proper bootstrapping of the ProcAddressTable, using one of the provided function names by getToolGetProcAddressFuncNameList().
      • useToolGetProcAdressFirst

        boolean useToolGetProcAdressFirst​(String funcName)
        funcName -
        true if toolGetProcAddress(long, String) shall be tried before the system loader for the given function lookup. Otherwise false. Default is true.
      • shallLinkGlobal

        boolean shallLinkGlobal()
        true if the native library symbols shall be made available for symbol resolution of subsequently loaded libraries.
      • shallLookupGlobal

        boolean shallLookupGlobal()
        If method returns true and if a SecurityManager is installed, user needs link permissions for all libraries, i.e. for new RuntimePermission("loadLibrary.*");!
        true if the dynamic symbol lookup shall happen system wide, over all loaded libraries. Otherwise only the loaded native libraries are used for lookup, which shall be the default.