Interface Bitstream.ByteStream<T>

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      boolean canInput()
      Return true if stream can handle input, i.e.
      boolean canOutput()
      Return true if stream can handle output, i.e.
      void close()
      Closing the underlying stream, implies flush().
      void flush()
      Synchronizes all underlying output stream operations, or do nothing.
      T getStream()
      Returns the underlying stream
      void mark​(int readLimit)
      Set markpos to current position, allowing the stream to be reset().
      long position()
      Returns the byte position in the stream.
      long position​(long newPosition)
      Sets this stream's position.
      int read()
      Reads one byte from the stream.
      void reset()
      Reset stream position to markpos as set via mark(int).
      void setStream​(T stream)
      Sets the underlying stream, without close()ing the previous one.
      long skip​(long n)
      It is implementation dependent, whether backward skip giving a negative number is supported or not.
      int write​(byte val)
      Writes one byte, to the stream.