Class JogampVersion

    • Constructor Detail

      • JogampVersion

        protected JogampVersion​(String packageName,
                                Manifest mf)
    • Method Detail

      • hashCode

        public final int hashCode()
        hashCode in class Object
      • getManifest

        public final Manifest getManifest()
      • getPackageName

        public final String getPackageName()
      • getAttribute

        public final String getAttribute​(String attributeName)
      • getAttributeNames

        public final Set<?> getAttributeNames()
        set of type Attributes.Name, disguised as anonymous
      • getExtensionName

        public final String getExtensionName()
      • getImplementationBuild

        public final String getImplementationBuild()
        Returns the implementation build number, e.g. 2.0-b456-20130328.
      • getImplementationBranch

        public final String getImplementationBranch()
        Returns the SCM branch name
      • getImplementationCommit

        public final String getImplementationCommit()
        Returns the SCM version of the last commit, e.g. git's sha1
      • getImplementationSHASources

        public final String getImplementationSHASources()
        Returns the SHA of all concatenated source files of the whole project
      • getImplementationSHAClasses

        public final String getImplementationSHAClasses()
        Returns the SHA of all concatenated class files of all build classes
      • getImplementationSHAClassesThis

        public final String getImplementationSHAClassesThis()
        Returns the SHA of all concatenated class files of the local (jar) package subset
      • getImplementationSHANatives

        public final String getImplementationSHANatives()
        Returns the SHA of all concatenated native library files of all build libs
      • getImplementationSHANativesThis

        public final String getImplementationSHANativesThis()
        Returns the SHA of all concatenated native library files of the local (jar) package subset
      • getImplementationTitle

        public final String getImplementationTitle()
      • getImplementationVendor

        public final String getImplementationVendor()
      • getImplementationVendorID

        public final String getImplementationVendorID()
      • getImplementationURL

        public final String getImplementationURL()
      • getImplementationVersion

        public final String getImplementationVersion()

        E.g. 2.0.2-rc-20130328 for snapshots prior to 2.0.2 release and 2.0.2 for the upcoming release.

      • getAndroidPackageVersionName

        public final String getAndroidPackageVersionName()
      • getSpecificationTitle

        public final String getSpecificationTitle()
      • getSpecificationVendor

        public final String getSpecificationVendor()
      • getSpecificationVersion

        public final String getSpecificationVersion()