Class AWTEDTExecutor

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      • invoke

        public boolean invoke​(Object treeLock,
                              boolean allowOnNonEDT,
                              boolean wait,
                              Runnable r)
        Executes the given runnable on the AWT-EDT and return true, if
        • current-thread is the AWT-EDT, or
        • the given tree-lock is not hold by current-thread (-> invoke on AWT-EDT)

        Otherwise execute the given runnable on the current-thread and return true, if allowOnNonEDT is true.
        This implies that the given tree-lock is being hold by the current-thread.

        Otherwise the runnable is not executed and false is returned.

        treeLock - representing the AWT-tree-lock, i.e. Component.getTreeLock()
        allowOnNonEDT - allow execution on non AWT-EDT in case current thread is not AWT-EDT and the tree-lock is being hold
        wait - if true method waits until is completed, otherwise don't wait.
        r - the Runnable to be executed.
        true if the Runnable has been issued for execution, otherwise false