Class CodeGenUtils

  • public class CodeGenUtils
    extends Object
    • Constructor Detail

      • CodeGenUtils

        public CodeGenUtils()
    • Method Detail

      • capitalizeString

        public static String capitalizeString​(String string)
        Converts first letter to upper case.
      • decapitalizeString

        public static String decapitalizeString​(String string)
        Converts first letter to lower case.
      • packageAsPath

        public static String packageAsPath​(String packageName)
        Given a java package name (e.g., "java.lang"), return the package as a directory path (i.e., "java/lang").
      • emitAutogeneratedWarning

        public static void emitAutogeneratedWarning​(PrintWriter w,
                                                    Object generator,
                                                    String customLine)
        generator - the object that is emitting the autogenerated code. If null, the generator will not be mentioned in the warning message.
        customLine - maybe null