Class ConstantDefinition.CNumber

  • Enclosing class:

    public static class ConstantDefinition.CNumber
    extends Object
    A Number, either integer, optionally [long, unsigned], or floating point, optionally [double].
    • Field Detail

      • isInteger

        public final boolean isInteger
        true if number is integer and value stored in i, otherwise false for floating point and value stored in f.
      • isLong

        public final boolean isLong
        true if number is a long isInteger.
      • isUnsigned

        public final boolean isUnsigned
        true if number is an unsigned isInteger.
      • i

        public final long i
        The value if isInteger
      • isDouble

        public final boolean isDouble
        true if number is a double precision floating point, i.e. !isInteger.
      • f

        public final double f
        The value if !isInteger
    • Constructor Detail

      • CNumber

        public CNumber​(boolean isLong,
                       boolean isUnsigned,
                       long value)
        ctor for integer number
      • CNumber

        public CNumber​(boolean isDouble,
                       double value)
        ctor for floating point number