Class FunctionEmitter

    • Constructor Detail

      • FunctionEmitter

        public FunctionEmitter​(MethodBinding binding,
                               CodeUnit unit,
                               boolean isInterface,
                               JavaConfiguration configuration)
        Constructs the FunctionEmitter with a CommentEmitter that emits nothing.
      • FunctionEmitter

        public FunctionEmitter​(FunctionEmitter arg)
        Makes this FunctionEmitter a copy of the passed one.
    • Method Detail

      • isInterface

        public final boolean isInterface()
      • getUnit

        public final CodeUnit getUnit()
      • clearModifiers

        public void clearModifiers()
      • getInterfaceName

        public abstract String getInterfaceName()
      • getImplName

        public abstract String getImplName()
      • getNativeName

        public abstract String getNativeName()
      • emit

        public final void emit()
        Emit the function to the getUnit()
      • setCommentEmitter

        public void setCommentEmitter​(CommentEmitter cEmitter)
        Set the object that will emit the comment for this function. If the parameter is null, no comment will be emitted.
      • getCommentEmitter

        public CommentEmitter getCommentEmitter()
        Get the comment emitter for this FunctionEmitter. The return value may be null, in which case no comment emitter has been set.
      • emitAdditionalCode

        protected void emitAdditionalCode()
      • emitDocComment

        protected void emitDocComment()
      • emitSignature

        protected final void emitSignature()
      • emitModifiers

        protected final int emitModifiers()
      • appendModifiers

        protected int appendModifiers​(StringBuilder buf)
      • getBaseIndentString

        protected String getBaseIndentString()
      • getCommentStartString

        protected String getCommentStartString()
      • getCommentEndString

        protected String getCommentEndString()
      • emitReturnType

        protected final void emitReturnType()
      • emitName

        protected final void emitName()
      • emitArguments

        protected final int emitArguments()
        Returns the number of arguments emitted.
      • appendArguments

        protected abstract int appendArguments​(StringBuilder buf)
        Returns the number of arguments emitted.
      • emitBody

        protected abstract void emitBody()