Interface AliasedSymbol

    • Method Detail

      • rename

        void rename​(String newName)
        Rename this symbol with the given newName if not equal current-name.

        Before renaming the current-name will be added to the list of aliases. while the given newName will be removed.

        Operation will be ignored if newName is null.

        newName - the new current-name, maybe null
      • addAliasedName

        void addAliasedName​(String origName)
        Add the given origName to the list of aliases if not equal current-name.

        Operation will be ignored if newName is null.

        origName - the new alias to be added, maybe null
      • hasAliases

        boolean hasAliases()
        Returns true if this symbol has aliases, i.e. either being renamed or aliases-added.

        Otherwise false is being returned.

      • getAliasedNames

        Set<String> getAliasedNames()
        Return all aliases for this symbol, i.e. original names, for this symbol.

        Inclusive original-name, if renamed,

        Exclusive current-name.

        May return null or a zero sized Set for no aliases.

      • getOrigName

        String getOrigName()
        Return the original-name as set at creation.