Class TypeDictionary

  • public class TypeDictionary
    extends Object
    Utility class for recording names of typedefs and structs.
    • Constructor Detail

      • TypeDictionary

        public TypeDictionary()
    • Method Detail

      • put

        public Type put​(String name,
                        Type type)
        Create a mapping from a type to its name.
        name - the name to which the type is defined
        type - the type that can be referred to by the specified name.
      • get

        public Type get​(String name)
        Get the type corresponding to the given name. Returns null if no type was found corresponding to the given name.
      • remove

        public Type remove​(String name)
        Remove the mapping from the specified name to its associated type.
      • keySet

        public Set<String> keySet()
        Get all the names that map to Types.
        a Set of Strings that are the typedef names that map to Types in the dictionary.
      • containsKey

        public boolean containsKey​(String key)
      • containsValue

        public boolean containsValue​(Type value)
      • isEmpty

        public boolean isEmpty()
      • values

        public Collection<Type> values()
        Returns a collection of all the Types in the dictionary that are mapped via typedefs names.