Class CStructAnnotationProcessor

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    public class CStructAnnotationProcessor
    extends javax.annotation.processing.AbstractProcessor

    If the header file is absolute, the root path is the parent folder of the folder containing the package source, i.e.:

      Header: /gluegen/src/junit/com/jogamp/test/structgen/TestStruct01.h
      Root:   /gluegen/src/junit/..
      Root:   /gluegen/src
    Otherwise the user.dir is being used as the root path and the relative header file is appended to it.

    The property jogamp.gluegen.structgen.output allows setting a default outputPath for the generated sources, if the ProcessingEnvironment's structgen.output option is not set.

    If the outputPath is relative, it is appended to the root path, otherwise it is taken as-is.

    User can enable DEBUG while defining property jogamp.gluegen.structgen.debug.

    Michael Bien, et al.
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      • CStructAnnotationProcessor

        public CStructAnnotationProcessor()
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        public void init​(javax.annotation.processing.ProcessingEnvironment processingEnv)
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        init in interface javax.annotation.processing.Processor
        init in class javax.annotation.processing.AbstractProcessor
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        public boolean process​(Set<? extends javax.lang.model.element.TypeElement> annotations,
                               javax.annotation.processing.RoundEnvironment env)
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        process in interface javax.annotation.processing.Processor
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        process in class javax.annotation.processing.AbstractProcessor