Constant Field Values



  • com.jogamp.common.util.locks.Lock 
    Modifier and Type Constant Field Value
    public static final long DEFAULT_TIMEOUT 5000L
  • com.jogamp.common.util.locks.SingletonInstance 
    Modifier and Type Constant Field Value
    protected static final boolean DEBUG true
  • com.jogamp.gluegen.CCodeUnit 
    Modifier and Type Constant Field Value
    public static final String NewDirectByteBufferCopyUnitCode "static const char * nameCopyNativeToDirectByteBuffer = \"copyNativeToDirectByteBuffer\";\nstatic const char * nameCopyNativeToDirectByteBufferSignature = \"(JJ)Ljava/nio/ByteBuffer;\";\n\nstatic jobject JVMUtil_NewDirectByteBufferCopy(JNIEnv *env, jclass clazzBuffers, void * source_address, size_t capacity) {\n jmethodID cstrBuffersNew = (*env)->GetStaticMethodID(env, clazzBuffers, nameCopyNativeToDirectByteBuffer, nameCopyNativeToDirectByteBufferSignature);\n if(NULL==cstrBuffersNew) {\n fprintf(stderr, \"Can\'t get method Buffers.%s(%s)\\n\", nameCopyNativeToDirectByteBuffer, nameCopyNativeToDirectByteBufferSignature);\n (*env)->FatalError(env, nameCopyNativeToDirectByteBuffer);\n return JNI_FALSE;\n }\n jobject jbyteBuffer = (*env)->CallStaticObjectMethod(env, clazzBuffers, cstrBuffersNew, (jlong)(intptr_t)source_address, (jlong)capacity);\n if( (*env)->ExceptionCheck(env) ) {\n (*env)->ExceptionDescribe(env);\n (*env)->ExceptionClear(env);\n (*env)->FatalError(env, \"Exception occurred\");\n return NULL;\n }\n return jbyteBuffer;\n}\n"
  • com.jogamp.gluegen.CMethodBindingEmitter 
    Modifier and Type Constant Field Value
    protected static final String arrayIdx "_array_idx"
    protected static final String arrayRes "_array_res"
    protected static final String arrayResLength "_array_res_length"
    protected static final String STRING_CHARS_PREFIX "_strchars_"
  • com.jogamp.gluegen.ConstantDefinition 
    Modifier and Type Constant Field Value
    public static final long UNSIGNED_INT_MAX_VALUE 4294967295L
  • com.jogamp.gluegen.GlueGen 
    Modifier and Type Constant Field Value
    public static final String __GLUEGEN__ "__GLUEGEN__"
  • com.jogamp.gluegen.cgram.types.CVAttributes 
    Modifier and Type Constant Field Value
    public static final int CONST 1
    public static final int VOLATILE 2
  • com.jogamp.gluegen.jcpp.NumericValue 
    Modifier and Type Constant Field Value
    public static final int F_DOUBLE 32
    public static final int F_FLOAT 16
    public static final int F_INT 2
    public static final int F_LONG 4
    public static final int F_LONGLONG 8
    public static final int F_UNSIGNED 1
    public static final int FF_SIZE 62
  • com.jogamp.gluegen.jcpp.Token 
    Modifier and Type Constant Field Value
    public static final int AND_EQ 257
    public static final int ARROW 258
    public static final int CCOMMENT 260
    public static final int CHARACTER 259
    public static final int CPPCOMMENT 261
    public static final int DEC 262
    public static final int DIV_EQ 263
    public static final int ELLIPSIS 264
    public static final int EOF 265
    public static final int EQ 266
    public static final int GE 267
    public static final int HASH 268
    public static final int HEADER 269
    public static final int IDENTIFIER 270
    public static final int INC 271
    public static final int INVALID 300
    public static final int LAND 273
    public static final int LAND_EQ 274
    public static final int LE 275
    public static final int LITERAL 276
    public static final int LOR 277
    public static final int LOR_EQ 278
    public static final int LSH 279
    public static final int LSH_EQ 280
    public static final int M_ARG 296
    public static final int M_PASTE 297
    public static final int M_STRING 298
    public static final int MOD_EQ 281
    public static final int MULT_EQ 282
    public static final int NE 283
    public static final int NL 284
    public static final int NUMBER 272
    public static final int OR_EQ 285
    public static final int P_LINE 299
    public static final int PASTE 286
    public static final int PLUS_EQ 287
    public static final int RANGE 288
    public static final int RSH 289
    public static final int RSH_EQ 290
    public static final int SQSTRING 291
    public static final int STRING 292
    public static final int SUB_EQ 293
    public static final int WHITESPACE 294
    public static final int XOR_EQ 295