Class MonitorMode

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public class MonitorMode
    extends Object
    implements Comparable<MonitorMode>
    Immutable MonitorMode Class, consisting of it's read only components:
    Aquire and filter MonitorMode

    Changing MonitorMode

    Example for changing the MonitorMode:
            // Pick the monitor:
            // Either the one used by a window ..
            MonitorDevice monitor = window.getMainMonitor();
            // Or arbitrary from the list ..
            List allMonitor = getMonitorDevices();
            MonitorDevice monitor = allMonitor.get(0);
            // Current and original modes ..
            MonitorMode mmCurrent = monitor.queryCurrentMode();
            MonitorMode mmOrig = monitor.getOriginalMode();
            // Target resolution in pixel units
            DimensionImmutable res = new Dimension(800, 600);
            // Target refresh rate shall be similar to current one ..
            float freq = mmCurrent.getRefreshRate();
            // Target rotation shall be similar to current one
            int rot = mmCurrent.getRotation();
            // Filter criterias sequential out of all available MonitorMode of the chosen MonitorDevice
            List monitorModes = monitor.getSupportedModes();
            monitorModes = MonitorModeUtil.filterByFlags(monitorModes, 0); // no interlace, double-scan etc
            monitorModes = MonitorModeUtil.filterByRotation(monitorModes, rot);
            monitorModes = MonitorModeUtil.filterByResolution(monitorModes, res);
            monitorModes = MonitorModeUtil.filterByRate(monitorModes, freq);
            monitorModes = MonitorModeUtil.getHighestAvailableBpp(monitorModes);
            // pick 1st one and set to current ..
            MonitorMode mm = monitorModes.get(0);
    • Constructor Detail

      • MonitorMode

        public MonitorMode​(int nativeId,
                           MonitorMode.SizeAndRRate sizeAndRRate,
                           int rotation)
        sizeAndRRate - the surface size and refresh rate mode
        rotation - the screen rotation, measured counter clockwise (CCW)
      • MonitorMode

        public MonitorMode​(SurfaceSize surfaceSize,
                           float refreshRate,
                           int flags,
                           int rotation)
        Creates a user instance w/o identity to filter our matching modes w/ identity.

        See MonitorModeUtil for filter utilities.

        surfaceSize -
        refreshRate -
        flags -
        rotation -
    • Method Detail

      • isRotationValid

        public static boolean isRotationValid​(int rotation)
      • getId

        public final int getId()
        the immutable native Id of this mode, may not be unique, may be 0.
      • getSizeAndRRate

        public final MonitorMode.SizeAndRRate getSizeAndRRate()
        Returns the surfaceSize and refreshRate instance.
      • getRefreshRate

        public final float getRefreshRate()
        Returns the vertical refresh rate.
      • getRotation

        public final int getRotation()
        Returns the CCW rotation of this mode
      • getRotatedWidth

        public final int getRotatedWidth()
        Returns the rotated screen width in pixel units, derived from getMonitorMode().getSurfaceSize().getResolution() and getRotation()
      • getRotatedHeight

        public final int getRotatedHeight()
        Returns the rotated screen height in pixel units, derived from getMonitorMode().getSurfaceSize().getResolution() and getRotation()
      • compareTo

        public int compareTo​(MonitorMode mm)

        Compares sizeAndRRate 1st, then rotation.

        Rotation is compared inverted, i.e. 360 - rotation, so the lowest rotation reflects a higher value.

        Order of comparing MonitorMode:

        • resolution
        • bits per pixel
        • flags
        • refresh rate
        • rotation

        Specified by:
        compareTo in interface Comparable<MonitorMode>
      • equals

        public final boolean equals​(Object obj)
        Tests equality of two MonitorMode objects by evaluating equality of it's components:
        • nativeId
        • sizeAndRRate
        • rotation
        equals in class Object
      • hashCode

        public final int hashCode()
        Returns a combined hash code of it's elements:
        • nativeId
        • sizeAndRRate
        • rotation
        hashCode in class Object