Class GLDebugMessage

  • public class GLDebugMessage
    extends Object
    OpenGL debug message generated by the driver and delivered via GLDebugListener.
    • Constructor Detail

      • GLDebugMessage

        public GLDebugMessage​(GLContext source,
                              long when,
                              int dbgSource,
                              int dbgType,
                              int dbgId,
                              int dbgSeverity,
                              String dbgMsg)
        source - The source of the event
        when - The time of the event
        dbgSource - The ARB source
        dbgType - The ARB type
        dbgId - The ARB id
        dbgSeverity - The ARB severity level
        dbgMsg - The debug message
    • Method Detail

      • translateAMDEvent

        public static GLDebugMessage translateAMDEvent​(GLContext source,
                                                       long when,
                                                       int dbgId,
                                                       int amdDbgCategory,
                                                       int dbgSeverity,
                                                       String dbgMsg)
        source -
        when -
        dbgId -
        amdDbgCategory -
        dbgSeverity - AMD severity level equals ARB severity level (value and semantic)
        dbgMsg -
      • translateARB2AMDCategory

        public static int translateARB2AMDCategory​(int dbgSource,
                                                   int dbgType)
      • getWhen

        public long getWhen()
      • getDbgSource

        public int getDbgSource()
      • getDbgType

        public int getDbgType()
      • getDbgId

        public int getDbgId()
      • getDbgSeverity

        public int getDbgSeverity()
      • getDbgMsg

        public String getDbgMsg()
      • getDbgSourceString

        public static String getDbgSourceString​(int dbgSource)
      • getDbgTypeString

        public static String getDbgTypeString​(int dbgType)
      • getDbgSeverityString

        public static String getDbgSeverityString​(int dbgSeverity)
      • toHexString

        public static String toHexString​(int i)