Class Recti

  • public final class Recti
    extends Object
    Rectangle with x, y, width and height integer components.
    • Constructor Detail

      • Recti

        public Recti()
      • Recti

        public Recti​(Recti o)
      • Recti

        public Recti​(int[] xywh)
      • Recti

        public Recti​(int x,
                     int y,
                     int width,
                     int height)
    • Method Detail

      • copy

        public Recti copy()
      • set

        public void set​(Recti o)
        this = o, returns this.
      • set

        public void set​(int x,
                        int y,
                        int width,
                        int height)
        this = { x, y, width, height }, returns this.
      • set

        public Recti set​(int[] xywh)
        this = xywh, returns this.
      • get

        public int[] get​(int[] xywh)
        xywh = this, returns xy.
      • x

        public int x()
      • y

        public int y()
      • width

        public int width()
      • height

        public int height()
      • setX

        public void setX​(int x)
      • setY

        public void setY​(int y)
      • setWidth

        public void setWidth​(int width)
      • setHeight

        public void setHeight​(int height)
      • isZero

        public boolean isZero()
        Return true if all components are zero.
      • isEqual

        public boolean isEqual​(Recti o)
        Equals check.
        o - comparison value
        true if all components are equal