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15 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
1302 Jocl opencl wwalker3 IN_P --- CLKernel missing several constants used to access clGetKernelWorkGroupInfo 2016-04-29
1298 Jogl macosx sgothel UNCO --- regression: Canvas in CardLayout always visible after showing once 2019-04-08
1310 Jogl awt sgothel UNCO --- Removing and re-adding a GLJPanel results in small image being rendered 2019-03-30
1324 Jogl macosx sgothel UNCO --- GLCanvas is always on top when using JInternalFrame 2019-03-30
1286 Jogl video sgothel CONF --- Multiple GLMediaPlayers init stream deadlock 2023-02-25
1297 Jogl video sgothel CONF --- Native crash while destroying GLMediaPlayer 2023-01-24
1322 Jogl macosx sgothel CONF --- JOGL sets pixel scale to 2 for GLJPanel not on Retina display 2023-01-24
1173 Jogl video sgothel CONF --- GLMediaPlayer: EOS not reported for FFMPEG video 2023-01-24
1216 Jogl video sgothel CONF --- GLMediaPlayer: MP3 Playback Issues (duration and EOS) 2023-02-25
1255 Jogl opengl sgothel IN_P --- Newt canvas in Miglayout fail to resize OR occupy complete JFrame instead of its target layout cell 2019-04-05
1374 Jogl awt sgothel IN_P --- Support High-DPI for JRE>8 AWT on Windows, MacOSX and Linux 2023-03-01
1430 Jogl awt sgothel IN_P --- Background erase not disabled with AWT GLCanvas 2023-03-09
1420 Jogl video sgothel RESO FIXE Enable FFmpeg 4, 5 and 6 in FFMPEGMediaPlayer and allow loading provided libs (option) 2023-02-25
1296 Newt windows sgothel CONF --- Mouse pointer doesn't switch to resize arrow on Windows 10 2019-03-30
1424 Newt swt sgothel IN_P --- MacOSX: Newt Window Eclipse RCP Detached View Wrong Z-Order and Update 2023-01-24
15 bugs found.