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33 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
1248 Java3D core UNCO --- glXCreateContextAttribsARB crashes w/ Java3D on JTabbedPane (OpenSUSE 13.2, Mesa 10.3.7, Intel Haswell Desktop) 2020-02-02
1328 Java3D core UNCO --- Support for Compressed Texture formats DDS, ASTC, ETC2(container KTX) 2016-10-20
1331 Java3D core UNCO --- Shared nodes under switch nodes, the link doesn’t work properly 2016-10-20
1332 Java3D core UNCO --- Texture Mip Map count checking incorrect 2016-10-20
1335 Java3D core UNCO --- Requesting a 24 depth bit cap can return an 8bit depth buffer if 16bit is the max 2020-02-02
1336 Java3D core UNCO --- New property to default disable picking and collision testing 2020-02-02
1340 Java3D core UNCO --- Vecmath uses import java.awt.Color which is poor design 2016-11-05
1341 Java3D core UNCO --- MasterControl.stencilClear defaults to false, however true would be simpler 2016-11-05
1342 Java3D core UNCO --- Add a SparseArray into Java3D for performance 2016-11-05
1343 Java3D core UNCO --- New property j3d.autocompile 2020-02-02
1344 Java3D core UNCO --- GL2ES2Pipeline fix texturemapping and inittexturemapping 2016-11-05
1345 Java3D core UNCO --- GL2ES2Pipeline fix textureFillBackground 2016-11-05
1346 Java3D core UNCO --- GL2ES2Pipeline fix decalling methods 2016-11-05
1349 Java3D core UNCO --- Remove deprecated methods, use try with resource, generics and return type refinement in Java3D 1.7 2016-11-23
644 Java3D core UNCO --- Integrate z-buffer read testcase from Kenji Saito as a unit test 2020-02-02
996 Java3D core UNCO --- Stereo not working on Java 7 2020-02-02
1201 Java3D core CONF --- Crash with option "sun.java2d.d3d=false" 2016-11-01
1339 Java3D core harvey.harrison RESO FIXE Support for Vertex Attributes in GeometryInfo 2019-03-29
1318 Java3D core RESO FIXE JoglPipeline uses new Frame for capabilities capture, this appears on the taskbar briefly 2019-03-29
1325 Java3D core RESO FIXE JoglPipeline.resetRenderingAttributes does not call gl.glDisable(GL.GL_STENCIL_TEST); 2019-03-29
1326 Java3D core RESO FIXE ArrayList usage that results in very slow removeChild calls 2019-03-29
1327 Java3D core RESO FIXE Add a GL2ES2 pipeline to Java3D 2019-03-29
1329 Java3D core RESO FIXE SceneGraphObject read capability bits set to true by default and this is not configurable. 2019-03-29
1330 Java3D core RESO FIXE Bug fixes required to ensure a full compile() works 2019-03-29
1333 Java3D core RESO FIXE Warning notice in cases where Jogl bug 1278 is in effect 2019-03-29
1334 Java3D core RESO FIXE Java 3D 1.6 under Parallels fails 2019-03-29
1337 Java3D core RESO FIXE VersionInfo defaults isDevPhase to true, which outputs onto err 2019-03-29
1338 Java3D core RESO FIXE IndexRow of GeometryInfo returns a terrible constant hash value 2019-03-29
1090 Java3D core gouessej RESO FIXE Publish the Java documentation of Java 3D 1.6.0 2019-03-27
645 Java3D core harvey.harrison RESO FIXE Support antialiasing in offscreen 3D canvas 2013-03-20
983 Java3D core harvey.harrison RESO FIXE Java3D webstart crashes when used with Jogl 2.1.4 2015-09-27
1006 Java3D core RESO FIXE Transformation applied to a texture is also applied to post render graphics 2016-10-26
1111 Java3D core RESO FIXE Java3D does not dispose correctly after use 2016-11-01
33 bugs found.


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