Wed Nov 29 2023 10:41:43 CET
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14 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
1478 Jogl awt sgothel UNCO --- macOS 14.0 JOGL freezes when opening other JFrame before JOGL frame Sun 21:53
1464 GraphUI Core sgothel IN_P --- GraphUI Scene: Resolve Data Race Modding Z Position activating a shape and Arrays.sort(..) 2023-09-30
1431 Newt x11 sgothel RESO FIXE JOGL 2.4 + X11: NewtCanvasAWT resize is completely broken 2023-09-29
1468 Newt core sgothel RESO FIXE SIGSEGV on use after free when destroying NEWT Window/Display via a native dispatch'ed event like key/mouse/touch input 2023-10-02
1474 Gluegen core sgothel RESO FIXE Finding Temp folder fails when username contains parenthesis Tue 10:15
1477 Joal core mfery RESO FIXE Remove EAX headers 17:43:54
1430 Jogl awt sgothel RESO FIXE Background erase not disabled with AWT GLCanvas and NewtCanvasAWT 2023-09-29
1453 Jogl core sgothel RESO INVA glCreateShader crashes on MacOS, works on windows 2023-09-27
1463 Jogl graph sgothel RESO FIXE Graph Font: Whitespace or undefined Glyphs shall not cover (any) height exceeding overall CharSequence 2023-09-26
1466 Jogl graph sgothel RESO FIXE Graph / GraphUI: Fix color mixing in Region shader with texture, colorStatic and colorChannel 2023-09-30
1469 Jogl video sgothel RESO FIXE FFmpeg binding uses ReleaseStringChars instead of ReleaseStringUTFChars for GetStringUTFChars() acquired UTF 2023-10-02
1470 Jogl core sgothel RESO FIXE JNI: Perform exception check and rethrow for all Java Callbacks as recommended 2023-10-02
1472 Jogl video sgothel RESO FIXE GLMediaPlayer Enhance AV Synchronization 2023-10-16
1473 Joal core sgothel RESO FIXE ALAudioSink: AV Synchronization Broken, Regression in-between JogAmp Version [2.4.0 - 2.5.0] 2023-10-16
14 bugs found.