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  1. Bug 1219: Use Win32 API for test PE exe, not console (commit: b17ba14) (details)
Commit b17ba1462cc4bb96be52f378dedafb50a3bc13f1 by Sven Gothel
Bug 1219: Use Win32 API for test PE exe, not console
Previous test PE exe, commit 0ebc5398fa20d23214a37dc4930a1fa1617293c7,
was a console exe. A console exe opens a new console window if not being
launched from one.
New test PE exe is produced w/ '-mwindows', i.e. for Win32 API w/o a
(commit: b17ba14)
The file was modifiedsrc/java/com/jogamp/common/util/ (diff)
The file was removedsrc/java/com/jogamp/common/util/bin/exe-windows-i386-2048b.bin.305b.gz
The file was removedsrc/native/tinype/make.bat
The file was addedsrc/native/tinype/
The file was removedsrc/native/tinype/tiny.exe
The file was removedsrc/native/tinype/tiny.exe.gz
The file was modifiedsrc/native/tinype/tiny.c (diff)
The file was addedsrc/java/com/jogamp/common/util/bin/exe-windows-i386-2048b.bin.316b.gz