Class EnumType

    • Method Detail

      • asEnum

        public EnumType asEnum()
        Description copied from class: Type
        Casts this to an EnumType or returns null if not an EnumType.
        asEnum in class Type
      • getUnderlyingType

        public Type getUnderlyingType()
      • getNumEnumerates

        public int getNumEnumerates()
        Number of enumerates defined in this enum.
      • containsEnumerate

        public boolean containsEnumerate​(String name)
        Does this enum type contain an enumerate with the given name?
      • removeEnumerate

        public boolean removeEnumerate​(String name)
        Remove the enumerate with the given name. Returns true if it was found and removed; false if it was not found.
      • visit

        public void visit​(TypeVisitor arg)
        Description copied from class: Type
        Traverse this Type and all of its component types; for example, the return type and argument types of a FunctionType.
        visit in class Type