Class IntType

    • Constructor Detail

      • IntType

        public IntType​(String name,
                       SizeThunk size,
                       boolean unsigned,
                       int cvAttributes)
      • IntType

        public IntType​(String name,
                       SizeThunk size,
                       boolean unsigned,
                       int cvAttributes,
                       boolean isTypedef,
                       boolean typedefUnsigned,
                       ASTLocusTag astLocus)
        Only for HeaderParser!
        name - the name
        size - the size
        unsigned - true if this instance is unsigned, not the typedef!
        cvAttributes - the cvAttributes for this instance, not for the typedef!
        isTypedef - true if this instance is a typedef variant
        typedefUnsigned - true if the typedef itself is unsigned
        astLocus - the location in source code
    • Method Detail

      • hashCodeImpl

        protected int hashCodeImpl()
        Specified by:
        hashCodeImpl in class Type
      • equalsImpl

        protected boolean equalsImpl​(Type arg)
        Specified by:
        equalsImpl in class Type
      • asInt

        public IntType asInt()
        Description copied from class: Type
        Casts this to an IntType or returns null if not an IntType.
        asInt in class Type
      • isUnsigned

        public boolean isUnsigned()
        Indicates whether this type is unsigned
      • getCName

        public String getCName​(boolean includeCVAttrs)
        Description copied from class: Type
        Returns the name of this type, optionally including const/volatile attributes. The returned string is suitable for use as a type specifier for native C.
        getCName in class Type
      • toString

        public String toString()
        Description copied from class: Type
        Returns a string representation of this type. The returned string is suitable for use as a type specifier for native C. It does contain an expanded description of structs/unions, hence may not be suitable for type declarations.
        toString in class Type
      • setTypedefName

        public boolean setTypedefName​(String name)
        Description copied from class: Type
        Set the typedef name of this type and renders this type a typedef, if given name has a length.

        Method issues Type.clearCache(), to force re-evaluation of hashes.

        setTypedefName in class Type