NativeWindow Protocol Specification Overview

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Package Description

NativeWindow Protocol Specification Overview


This specification, an optional set of packages, describing a protocol for a native windowing interface binding to Java(TM).
Currently specified native windowing systems are:
However, any other native windowing system may be added to the implementation, using a generic string identifier and an optional specialisation of:

The implementor has to provide the following:

This protocol does not describe how to create native windows, but how to bind a native surface to an implementation of and window to an implementation of NativeSurface.

NativeWindow specializes the NativeSurface.

However, an implementation of this protocol (e.g. com.jogamp.newt) may support the creation.


This binding has dependencies to the following:

Package Structure

The packages defined by this specification include:

Factory Model

Running on a platform with a supported windowing system, the factory model shall be used to instantiate a native window, see NativeWindowFactory.

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