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15 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
1262 Jogl graph sgothel UNCO --- Allow multi-pass font rendering to choose FBO to render to 2015-10-31
1040 Jogl graph sgothel UNCO --- Font space character width problem (GPU renderer) 2019-03-29
1041 Jogl graph sgothel UNCO --- GPU Font rendering bugs on bold fonts 2019-03-29
1061 Jogl graph sgothel UNCO --- Make possibility to draw antialiased text to different frame buffer 2019-03-29
1131 Jogl graph sgothel UNCO --- Some TTF fonts not working in the new Graph API renderer 2019-03-29
1132 Jogl graph sgothel UNCO --- OTF fonts can't be loaded in Graph API renderer 2019-03-29
1133 Jogl graph sgothel UNCO --- Some TTF fonts producing squares instead of characters 2019-03-29
1162 Jogl graph sgothel UNCO --- Using TextRegionUtil (RegionRenderer and RenderState) with user GL code 2019-03-29
1228 Jogl graph sgothel UNCO --- Allow setting other glBlendFunc in GLRegion renderer 2019-03-29
1229 Jogl graph sgothel UNCO --- Some TextRenderer tests not giving expected results 2019-03-29
1230 Jogl graph sgothel UNCO --- Two-pass TextRenderer doesn't work if culling is enabled 2019-03-29
1064 Jogl graph sgothel IN_P --- Fix Graph Font Rendering (group for related bugs) 2019-03-29
801 Jogl graph sgothel RESO FIXE Cleanup Graph API, Remove Redundancies. 2015-09-27
802 Jogl graph sgothel RESO FIXE Enhance Graph Performance w/ Text Rendering 2015-09-27
1091 Jogl graph sgothel RESO FIXE Graph FontFactory: Add method allowing Font loading via InputStream 2019-03-29
15 bugs found.


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