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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
1300 Gluegen core sgothel UNCO --- AndroidVersion doesn't work if android.os.Build is in the classpath 2016-06-09
1308 Gluegen core sgothel UNCO --- Problem with loading gluegen-rt.dll 2016-07-06
772 Gluegen core sgothel UNCO --- gluegen is doing a wrong assumption in term of path 2013-07-01
1034 Gluegen core sgothel UNCO --- example scripts in "doc" area do not run from source in mingw environment 2014-07-21
1258 Gluegen core sgothel CONF --- Add Multiple JNI/Native to Java Callback Generation Techniques 2015-10-23
1256 Gluegen core sgothel IN_P --- Provide General GlueGen Annotation Processor (Replacing specialized CStruct) 2015-10-22
488 Gluegen core sgothel IN_P --- Enable others architectures under GNU/Linux 2013-03-27
1246 Gluegen core sgothel IN_P --- gluegen: please add support for Linux ppc64le 2015-10-28
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