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55 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
1379 Jogl macosx sgothel UNCO --- NewtCanvasAWT in JSplitPane on macOS 2019-04-25
1380 Jogl core sgothel UNCO --- Dynamic loading of "OpenGL32.dll" fails on Citrix VDI 2019-05-06
1286 Jogl video sgothel CONF --- Multiple GLMediaPlayers init stream deadlock 2019-03-30
1297 Jogl video sgothel CONF --- Native crash while destroying GLMediaPlayer 2019-03-30
1311 Newt core sgothel CONF --- Multi touch drag events being discarded incorrectly in WindowImpl 2019-03-30
1356 Jogl video sgothel CONF --- "Future proof" ffmpeg libraries loading prevents using legit libraries 2019-03-30
1173 Jogl video sgothel CONF --- GLMediaPlayer: EOS not reported for FFMPEG video 2019-03-30
1216 Jogl video sgothel CONF --- GLMediaPlayer: MP3 Playback Issues (duration and EOS) 2019-03-30
1317 Nativewi core sgothel IN_P --- JOGL AWT sample crashes on Java 9 06:59:57
1382 Jogl opengl sgothel IN_P --- GNU/Linux AMD/Mesa Regression 07:12:05
1305 Jogl opengl sgothel IN_P --- GLCanvas failed to initialize GL3(bc), GL4(bc) in SWING JFrame. GLJPanel succeed. 2019-05-04
1312 Jogl opengl sgothel IN_P --- GLContextShareSet memory leak when repeatedly creating and removing GLDrawables 2019-03-30
1357 Jogl opengl sgothel RESO FIXE Support Mesa 18.2.2 (java.lang.InternalError: profile[1]: GL3bc -> profileImpl GL4bc not mapped) 2019-03-29
1190 General builds sgothel RESO FIXE 'memcpy@GLIBC_2.4' error while jogl compilation 2019-04-08
1316 General builds sgothel RESO FIXE Java 8 expects *.dylib instead of *.jnilib on OS X 2019-03-30
1370 Nativewi macosx sgothel RESO FIXE NSWindow drag regions should only be invalidated on the Main Thread! 2019-04-05
1175 Jogl core sgothel RESO WORK gamma.reresetDisplayGamma() 2019-03-27
1257 Nativewi x11 sgothel RESO INVA VM crash with FATAL ERROR in native method: Nativewindow X11 IOError: Display ... 2019-03-30
1283 Jogl opengl elect86 RESO FIXE Jogl can't find #include shader relative files 2019-03-26
1318 Java3D core philjord RESO FIXE JoglPipeline uses new Frame for capabilities capture, this appears on the taskbar briefly 2019-03-29
1325 Java3D core philjord RESO FIXE JoglPipeline.resetRenderingAttributes does not call gl.glDisable(GL.GL_STENCIL_TEST); 2019-03-29
1326 Java3D core philjord RESO FIXE ArrayList usage that results in very slow removeChild calls 2019-03-29
1329 Java3D core philjord RESO FIXE SceneGraphObject read capability bits set to true by default and this is not configurable. 2019-03-29
1330 Java3D core philjord RESO FIXE Bug fixes required to ensure a full compile() works 2019-03-29
1334 Java3D core philjord RESO FIXE Java 3D 1.6 under Parallels fails 2019-03-29
1338 Java3D core philjord RESO FIXE IndexRow of GeometryInfo returns a terrible constant hash value 2019-03-29
1251 Newt x11 sgothel RESO WORK XFCE changes window position after resize XConfigureWindow 2019-03-27
1252 General builds sgothel RESO INVA The "slim" and "fat" deployment options source zip's differ 20Mb in size. 2015-10-11
1254 Jogl core sgothel RESO FIXE MonitorDevice.getViewportInWindowUnits().getHeight() returns the display's width on Broadcom VC IV 2019-03-26
1278 Jogl opengl sgothel RESO WONT Windows 10 returns software Profile 2019-03-29
1285 Jogl awt sgothel RESO WORK REGRESSION in v2.3.2 - AWT GLCanvas freezes after screen change 2019-03-30
1289 Jogl opengl sgothel RESO INVA Glsl compiler bug on interpolateAtSample 2019-03-27
1290 Jogl opengl sgothel RESO FIXE Raspberry Pi Raspbian now ship with two incompatible implementations of OpenGL ES 2019-03-27
1293 General infrastr sgothel RESO WONT JAR signing certificate expired 2019-03-29
1300 Gluegen core sgothel RESO FIXE AndroidVersion doesn't work if android.os.Build is in the classpath 2019-03-26
1301 Jogl core sgothel RESO INVA OpenGL profile init takes up to one minute ( win 10 + nvidia 7xx ) 2019-03-30
1306 Jogl macosx sgothel RESO FIXE Medium-weight tooltips are painted behind the GLCanvas 2019-03-30
1307 Jogl awt sgothel RESO FIXE GLCanvas is always drawn on top when using a JTabbedPane 2019-03-30
1308 Gluegen core sgothel RESO DUPL Problem with loading gluegen-rt.dll 2019-03-30
1309 Newt embedded sgothel RESO FIXE Mouse buttons not specified in BCM VC IV MouseEvents 2019-03-27
1350 Jogl macosx sgothel RESO WORK CGSUpdateManager warning during createContext on OS X 10.11.6 2019-04-10
1353 Jogl util sgothel RESO FIXE java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError for gluegen-rt.dll due to localized tempdir name 2019-03-30
1358 Jogl swt sgothel RESO FIXE Incorrect OpenGL surface size on SWT GLCanvas with High-DPI scaling enabled 2019-04-10
1362 Jogl swt sgothel RESO FIXE NewtCanvasSWT doesn't work with GTK 3 2019-04-10
1365 Gluegen core sgothel RESO FIXE Frozen process or similar when deflating or launching the test-executable-file to determine 'executable temp base directory' on Windows 2019-03-30
1366 General source_c sgothel RESO FIXE Use String.format((Locale)null, "..." ..) avoiding Locale output for System related Operations 2019-03-30
1372 Jogl core sgothel RESO FIXE Pass unit tests on OSX 10.14.3 (Mojave) 2019-04-05
1376 Joal core sgothel RESO FIXE Fix crosscompiled openal-soft 1.19.1 builds using aarch64 + armv6hf 2019-04-08
1270 Joal core xerxes RESO FIXE Fix OSX El Capitan 10.11 stuttering ; Prefer provided OpenAL library over system (default) 2019-03-27
1280 Joal core xerxes RESO FIXE WAV files with appended metadata incorrectly loaded 2019-03-26
1169 Jogl awt gouessej RESO WORK ScreenResSelector doesn't use the right mean of detecting multi bit depth 2019-03-30
1294 Jogl opengl gouessej RESO FIXE Show all information on the default graphics device in JoglVersion 2019-03-27
1167 Jogl core sgothel RESO WORK Heavy performance issue 2019-03-27
1121 Jogl opengl sgothel RESO DUPL Wandboard IMX-6 not supported 2015-09-27
1299 Nativewi macosx sgothel VERI FIXE warning when using JOGL on Mac OS X El Capitan 2019-03-30
55 bugs found.